Is it possible to Really Make Money from Drop Shipping?

by:LETIAN     2020-07-24
* The ability to quickly set-up inexpensive, highly targeted, niche or mini-sites to test and promote diverse products.This process may be around for years and has been responsible for many highly successful mail order dealer relationships in the past. Many of the top catalogers and other direct response marketers, have been on this system to increase profits for decades. If include ever ordered a costly item from a teleordering catalog and been told that the product was being shipped from the manufacturing plant. then you have experienced drop shipping first hand.Drop shipping is, I believe, a virgin un-tapped storehouse of profits for todays internet customer.On-line directories exist which reveal essential contact details for drop shippers more than 2,000,000 products and 4,000 brands. Most legitimate dropshipping sources will require that you may have a state tax reseller number in order to approve you to sell their products and give you the wholesale pricing you're on the lookout for.Beware of any dropshipping source which requires that pay a fee in order to become a drop-ship agent. or requires a membership. These usually are organizations which make funds selling 'drop ship licenses'. and are, for the most part, scams. Legitimate drop shippers and factory sources never charge you any fees other than the actual shipping costs of items you sell.Another caveat. always make sure that you have an itemized agreement with the source factory that you own the customer! The factory or drop ship source should agree in writing not to solicit your customers in any form. Wanting to offer very important to you can. Your customer list is one of one's most important assets. If for example the factory you are along with balks at this ask them about. use another source who will totally agree.Almost every conceivable type of product is available from a drop shipper willing to ship products in single units through your companies name. Pick your interest area. electronics, consumer products, agricultural & industrial products, office equipment & supplies, hobby gear, recreational / sporting goods, clothing, furniture, etc. The associated with available products from drop shippers is almost constant.The products actual source is invisible towards consumer. The seller (you) is able to build a database of customers that he/she owns and controls (by agreement with the manufacturer) and has all of the direct marketing advantages that accompany that arrangement. while eliminating the need for maintaining expensive inventory. This arrangement offers maximum flexibility and cost savings for the seller. In the event the product does not sell well online you can pull the advertising (web page or mini-site) instantly with very little cost to you outside of the actual time it accepted build and test globe marketing effort. Or, because type of page/mini-site is inexpensive to maintain and host. you can simply leave the pages online and take whatever orders trickle through. while you get over it to the testing and promotion of new drop ship products.The manufacturer benefits utilizing relationship by gaining a legion of active marketers promoting their products. at little or no cost (other than those small costs involved with supporting the marketer with online marketing materials like product images, sales materials, etc).As a marketer you are on the lookout for several key components in developing the drop-ship relationship with a source factory or distributor:* High Quality Products* Blanket Product Liability insurance (if applicable)* A clear guarantee and return policy* High Quality Marketing Materials . product images (gifs, jpegs, etc.), selling copy, other suitable web graphics, etc.* A Customer Service Department that will work with you to develop the best selling situation for customers.If you are a manufacturer seeking to grow distribution (or an inventor with a new product ) you will see the willingness to drop ship in single units offers you a strong edge against your competitors while you carve out increased market share at little cost.If you are an online marketer interested by offering high profit products to your niche market (your website visitors) without incurring high front-end development or inventory costs. then drop shipping is for you personally personally.Internet marketers are uniquely positioned for taking profitable advantage of the drop ship arrangement and may give this system serious consideration.To learn about dried poppy, growing poppies and other information, visit the Knowledge Bin website.
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