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by:LETIAN     2020-05-10
Large-scale amusement equipment shipments each month compared with other retail goods quantity is more less, but shipment difficulty bigger, each a product needs to be professional crane for loading, each car is special line transportation logistics. March is drawing to a close, the kimball is settled in this month's production task, heavy shipments still is very big, also thank the kimball is settled the hard work of all employees, especially front-line workers, and shipment colleagues particularly hard, often need to loading in the day of shipment to the middle of the night. 按照仓库出货记录 统计,3月份金博游艺出货明细如下:3月1日出货清单:地网碰碰车 15台,24人迪斯科转盘1台,变形金刚一台3月4日出货清单:42米摩天轮一台3月5日出货清单:地网碰碰车24台,丛林过山车一台,双排海盗船一台,16人自控飞机一台,32人风火轮一台,24座旋转木马一台3月8日出货清单:碰碰车8台,20米旋转跳楼机一台,变形金刚一台,36人转转杯一台3月12日出货清单:地网碰碰车18台,高空飞翔一台3月15日出货清单:电瓶碰碰车10台,神州飞碟一台,24人海盗船一台,激流勇进一台,1200米太空漫步一台,丛林过山车一台,勇敢救火队一台,喷球车一台,激战鲨鱼岛一台,32人自控飞机一台3月16日出货清单:20米跳楼机一台3月18日出货清单:电瓶碰碰车14台,地网碰碰车10台,招财猫过山车一台,40人迪斯科转盘一台,轨道小火车一台3月22日出货清单:地网碰碰车12台,欢乐旋转1台,迷你飞车一台,16人豪华转马一台,消防战车一台,儿童小摆锤一台3月25日出货清单:50米摩天轮一台3月28日出货清单:20米跳楼机一台,38人双层转马一台,16人大摆锤一台,激流勇进一台,1600米景区滑道一台另外还有部分为出货完整的统计单不再列举,感谢广大客户对金博游艺的支持与信赖,4月份的生产订单已经排满,如果需要紧急加单的请及时与业务人员沟通,一遍为您调整适宜的生产档期。 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ large amusement equipment manufacturer shipments from guangdong netizen comments evaluate 17 minutes ago under a single pendulum 22 National People's Congress needs how long would you be able to ship it? From lanzhou net friend evaluation 59 minutes ago you amusement equipment after delivery how long can the door to install it, is it installation personnel with truck come from chengdu online assessment 2. Much 5 hours ago, the problem is I the 16 sets of bumper car list when you deliver goods to me, wait for half a month! ! ! !
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