In 2019 large-scale amusement equipment after-sales maintenance notice

by:LETIAN     2020-05-14
Large amusement equipment after-sales maintenance work is very important, in addition to the party to daily maintenance maintenance, safety testing of equipment each year, inspection institutions, of course, a responsible amusement equipment suppliers will also be providing regular equipment maintenance services. Zhongshan kimball is settled 2019 annual customer maintenance work is started, please all before May 2018 buyers in bo recreational amusement equipment customers and after-sales department contact, we will be in nearly three months to the national unified all the customer's equipment after-sales maintenance work, please communicate with after-sales department maintenance time, indicating the equipment running status at present, especially the large-scale amusement equipment testing class, be sure to provide the real running status of equipment. In addition to the car battery bumper cars do not provide on-site maintenance services, buy other amusement equipment, customers can contact our service department, to accept the time for April 15-2019 On April 25, 2019, a total of 10 days communication sent one time, if in this period did not contact the customer, may send again in 2020 annual overhaul period of contact list.
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