In 2018, the theme park of supply and demand analysis and industry present situation analysis

by:LETIAN     2020-05-22
1, high population density + tourism industry fast development the foundation of the demand constitute a theme park in China. According to the Internet, our country the densely populated city of a gleam of, appropriate theme park. In the world's major countries, China's population density of 146 people per square kilometer, 13 at the top of the world's major countries, China is a large country, regional imbalance of the degree of population density, first-tier cities are more densely populated, the Forbes magazine list of the world city of consistency, China has a population of five cities density is one of the top 20 in the world, the theme park and development has laid a good foundation. Since 2004, the number of domestic tourism and the overall remain above 10%, and maintained steady and rapid growth. 2, demand upgrade: sightseeing tour to leisure tour transformation, driving the development of the theme park. On the international: $per capita GDP8000 watershed is a theme park development. In America, Japan, for example, the United States in 1971, the per capita GDP reached $8000, Walt Disney began large-scale expansion in the United States; Japan's GDP per capita in 1977 reached $8000, Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983; At $1992 per capita GDP8000, South Korea, South Korea is in the guinness book of world records in 1989, the world's largest indoor theme park lotte world open. Per capita GDP reached $8000 compared to the same period of the United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, its theme parks usher in rapid development, at present China's per capita GDP has reached $8000, are now in a critical time window of theme park development. 3, benefit from the surrounding move + parent-child and growth, theme parks become directly benefit destinations, strong demand. With the constant improvement of high-speed network and the rationalization of holiday system promotion will continue to drive around in the future the expansion of tourism demand, rising demand to further promote the theme parks; By 'two-child policy', and the Chinese family of children always pay close attention to and improving inputs, parent-child travel market is growing rapidly. 4, the unique advantages of theme park: affected by weather, seasonal factors, such as smaller, keep demand season all the year round. From the point of historical data, the international mature theme park, Disneyland, sea world income volatility is not big, theme parks have a relatively stable profitability throughout the year, with the season fluctuation degree is low. Supply: 1, with the leisure demand continues to expand, the theme park overall supply. China tourism scenic area development report according to China's tourism research institute ( 2015). 'Shows that the demand of the leisure vacation is quite large, as 37. 8%. With the continuous improvement of national income level in recent years, the demand of the leisure vacation will keep growing. Contrast with large leisure demand, only 15 in A grade scenic spot. 8% for the leisure class scenic area, supply and demand gap. 2, the theme park investment accelerated, domestic leading rise, grab market of foreign investment. 2003 - 2013 years, because of the general office of the state planning commission issued the notice on strengthening the construction of the theme park management of examination and approval, to build a new theme park project is blocked, contrary to the original theme park or successful landing through the examination and approval of projects for the development opportunity, continue to do strongly does become a leading, for example, oct happy valley. Theme parks abroad giant accelerated into China layout, Disney has opened in Shanghai, located in anji Hellokitty theme park officially completed, universal studios located in Beijing tongzhou, the six flags location sea salt, legoland stationed in Shanghai, dreamworks by hand into China China metallurgical group. 3, first-tier cities tend to be saturated, lower-tier cities development. At present, China's theme parks are mainly distributed in economically developed regions such as Beijing, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, but a line city theme park is not only in saturated state, and the future will face international giants such as Disney, universal access. From wanda, wto and huayi brothers have been built or are building theme park location, land and operating expenses are aimed at the cheaper places cities, and travel demand is bullish on second-tier cities, theme park layout gradually to permeate second-tier cities. 1, industry scale in 2017, the China theme park investment heat, the future of our country theme park market scale will or close to 90 billion, as the world's largest market. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017 China theme park in the investment of more than 50 million have 300 or so, investment amount on average around billions of scale. According to the latest report of Westminster 'theme park, 2017, 2017, the China theme park market retail sales are expected to reach 395. 4. 5 billion yuan, up 27% from 2016. At the same time, in the next five years will maintain steady growth, 2017 - In 2022, the theme park market retail sales will be 17. 7% of the average annual compound growth rate of growth, will reach 893 by 2022. 2. 5 billion yuan. 2, strong growth in China theme park development, growth is far more than the rest of the world; Greater China market to occupy the half, including mainland China traffic contribution proportion continues to improve, more than 80%. According to TEA and AECOM ellerbe becket jointly issued the '2017 global theme park survey according to the latest figures, in 2017 the world's ten biggest theme park group of tourists for four. 7. 6 billion, year-on-year growth of 8. 6%, and largely thanks to the strong growth of China's three largest group. Of oct group, huaqiang, long lung group ranked fourth, fifth, sixth, reception of visitors in 2017, 4288, 3850, 31. 03 million, grew up to 32. 9%, 21. 7%, 13. 4%, significantly higher than the other seven group 4. An average of 7% growth. 2015 - In 2017, the top 20 of the theme park, 13 are located in China, the number of accounted for 65%, traffic accounted for separately to 44. 0%, 45. 2%, 49. 2%, among which the mainland grows more rapidly, traffic contribution rising from 67% in 2013 to 82% in 2017.
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