In 2018 the theme of the novel and fun park amusement equipment have?

by:LETIAN     2020-04-01
Theme park more and more, but to visit people also found that many of the theme park amusement equipment are the same, even the same, there is no novelty, land now than before, now the text brigade property impact to the original pure theme park is very big, cruel competition, so under the theme park amusement equipment configuration need full time! Recommend below a few more new theme park amusement equipment: 2018 new theme le amusement equipment ____24 transformers of this design was inspired by the movie 'transformers' transformers ', believe that friends have seen the film for optimus prime should not strange! Movie star aura is a childhood idol, false worship object through our efforts, finally make their return to earth! Because this kind of transformers is listed on the latest, so a lot of people don't have the experience, a lot of people don't know is how to play this kind of transformers. Haven't played with friends can feel from the words of the interesting and exciting! This is a very attract popular amusement equipment, transformers amusement equipment with optimus prime's head as the theme, the special diamond head is equivalent to an IP, can be customized different modelling of transformers, let transformers many brothers, henceforth no longer lonely! 2018 the new theme of joy amusement equipment ___16 French merry-go-round with all sorts of modelling of the carousel, to swallow kimball French romantic merry-go-round, modelling, color, theme romantic only beautiful, hand polishing, manual coloured drawing or pattern, a set play, enjoy, take pictures is meimei dalai carousel, 12 and 16 can be customized! Both stood in the playground, park, square, is placed within the high-end shopping malls, beauty, make the couples, younger children, women must take, take some beautiful photos on May give up! 2018 the new theme of joy amusement equipment ____24 stunt flying aerobatics is presented to ride in an amazing journey, feeling the bank looped aerobatics and air circulation subduction and the feeling of weightlessness, they even for the most experienced thrill seeker will be a test, at six, four aircraft how one can accommodate 24 ride. This new exciting combination of running a 6 r/sub-center driving rotating arm swing a motor driver, which can make the ride experience for all kinds of the pilot. 2018 the new theme of joy amusement equipment ____80 m Egypt exploration adventure in the form of unique operation and advance of the way of taking, it is completely changed the way traditional amusement machine back on. Equipment outstanding characteristic is luxuriant appearance, mechanics and acoustics, and full of ups and downs like sailing on the sea. Mysterious ancient Egyptian features, antique above the gates of happiness, only you boarded the rostrum, find out. Egyptian adventure amusement equipment using colorful LED flash, at run time, the lights change at any time, the overall look very cool. 2018 the new theme of joy amusement equipment ____40 disco turntable 40 people very large disco turntable, the theme of cool, hot and passionate, run crazy bumpy applications, shock and aggressive and is a good equipment, adult years crazy scream playground, the theme parks is a professional high-end tourism scenic area, rural agriculture base and other places of amusement will be on the project. 2018 the new theme of joy amusement equipment consists of twelve Chinese zodiac bumper car bumper car is each theme park will be on the equipment, kimball vehicle bumper car model has more than 30, this year's Chinese zodiac animal bumper cars has become a new bright spot. Learn more about 2018 new fun theme park attractions, please pay close attention to; www。 jbyoule。 com
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