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by:LETIAN     2020-07-05
I found that {many people|usually|quite a few individuals|a lot of individuals|a lot of} were interested in 3D carousel template and 3D carousel flash. I {have made|made|make|have created|are making} one a few days ago, and I wrote down the tutorial {wishing to|desperate to|hoping to|eager to|wanting to} help you. This tutorial shows you how {to create|generate|build|in order to|goes} 3D carousel flash and insert it on website, MySpace, Blogger, etc. I have made 3D carousel flash with Flash Gallery Factory which {is an easy|is a straightforward|is a simple} to use 3D flash gallery software. It includes 25+ free 3D flash templates and various output formats: HTML, SWF, EXE, Screensaver and Email. See the sample here This tutorial will include two part: 1. {How to|Ways to|The best way to|Easy methods to|The right way to} create 3D carousel flash; 2. {How to|The way to|Tips on how to|Ways to|Easy methods to} insert 3D carousel flash on website; Step 1: Install Flash Gallery Factory and import photos. Install your downloaded software and run it. First choose Mode and {then the|your own|after that your|then|any} program {will go|is going|should|could go|ought to go} to 'Browse' tab {by default|automagically|automatically}. Click 'Add photo' build-in button to add your photos or just drag selected images to storyboard {directly|openly|go on|particularly|definitely}. If you want to add background music, please click 'Add Music' button to add it. Step 2: Select 3D carousel flash template Go to Template Tab, and select '3D Theme' , {then you will|require|a good|you will|user profile} find 3D carousel template among these 25+ free 3D flash template. Step 3: Add image caption/description and hyperlinks to photos Click 'Edit Photo' Tab above the storyboard {and it will|but it will|and it can certainly|and it could|and will also} turn out a pop-up window. Select 'Properties' item to add image caption/description and hyperlinks to {photos|imagery|graphics|photo's|images}. Step 4: Publish {to save|conserve|in order to|conserve lots of|preserve} your 3D carousel flash The 3D flash gallery software provides various output formats, {so you can|to help you to|it is possible|should you|in order to} publish your 3D carousel flash as SWF, HTML or EXE formats {as you like|as you wish|as you want|as you desire}. For Uploading on website, please publish it as SWF or HTML {format|style|formatting|computer hard drive format|set up}. Step 5: Upload 3D carousel flash on website Upload the created SWF file {to any|for any|to your|to the} web hosting and {get the|obtain the} file's {Url|Website address|Hyperlink|Link|Web site}. If you don't have a personal web host, you can upload your SWF file to Google Sites {for free|without spending a dime|free of cost|as a gift|without cost}. Then Copy and paste {the following|factors|the next|these|next} HTML code on {your web|your internet|internet|your online} page, MySpace or Blogger, so long as it supports {Html code|Code|Html document|Web-page coding|Web coding}. Then replace the SWF file's address {to its|to the} real {address|details|offer|treat|focus on}. You can also change the {size of|scale|scale of|dimensions|measurements of} 3D flash by revising the red number '264' and '550'.
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