How To Attract Customers To Your Amusement Park With Carnival Rides

Global Industry Analysts forecast the global market for Amusement and Theme Parks to hit US$44.3 billion by 2020. Driven by the increase in demand for fun and leisure, the industry is set to be a lucrative sector to invest in. To maximise gains and minimise risks in this business, the carnival rides in an amusement park have to be fun, innovative and safe. This is where the expertise and experience of an established amusement park and carnival ride provider can help to propel a business.


As our society progresses, disposable incomes have increased and have thus fuelled the demand for tourism, fun, and entertainment. Amusement parks are often tourist attractions and admissions to these parks alone can draw a sizeable tourist dollar. Other than amusement and theme parks, smaller-scale and/or short-term pop-up carnivals are also gaining traction. In these small-scale carnivals, you will usually see the likes of bumper car rides, ferris wheel rides, and swing rides. A big problem for businesses in the industry is how to set themselves apart and attract customers. Fret not, we have done the research and found a solution for you. Read on!


What Draws People to an Amusement Park?


1. Unique and Interesting Themes

Innovative themes stand out because they are what sets one amusement park apart from another. Most amusement parks tend to have similar types of rides such as roller coasters, sky drop rides, viking rides, bumper cars, rotating rides and more. However, the experience at each park is different because of the different themes that give a different vibe to each park.


2. Value for Money

For someone to choose to go to an amusement park, he or she must feel that the rides and the experiences they gain in the park are worth their money. Thus, well-designed rides and themes are key to enticing customers to choose to pay for your products and services.


3. Variety of Attractions

A visit to an amusement park is often a full-day trip. People who visit the park will expect and hope to have a range of rides to go on while they are there. To draw a wide range of customers, a variety in attraction types catered to varying ages and interests is key. Young children may enjoy rotating tea cup or train rides with a friendly theme while adults may be yearning for a heart-dropping roller coaster ride!


4. Professionally Trained Staff

Think about the last time you were at an amusement park. Chances are that your mood was affected by the demeanour of the service crew. Now, imagine that you are about to ride a roller coaster. Would you feel safer, more confident and happier to ride if the service crew appeared professional and certain of what he or she was doing or if the staff was incompetent? Your answer clearly shows the need for professionally trained staff.


5. Ride Safety

News of accidents relating to carnival rides can scare customers away from amusement parks. Having the rides sourced from a credible and reliable company that places strong emphasis on safety is critical in boosting customers' confidence in your park. Evidence of regular servicing from certified staff and companies will also be helpful.




To achieve the above, cooperation and teamwork amongst an amusement park's management, employees, and their ride manufacturers is essential. Let an established and trusted equipment company reduce the burden of designing a park and ensuring quality and safety of the rides so that your management may focus its efforts on the other aspects of the business such as marketing and daily operations. Whether your park is just starting out or expanding to meet the skyrocketing demands for amusement and theme parks, Le Tian Playground Equipment Company can support you in your endeavours.


Le Tian Playground Equipment Company was established in 2008, with its products and services used and trusted in more than 80 countries and districts worldwide. Le Tian Playground Equipment Company understands the workings of the amusement and theme park industry and strives to provide a one-stop solution for all your business needs in the industry. An experienced team, where 80% of employees have more than 20 years of experience in the field, is dedicated to ensure your carnival rides are well-designed and safe.



Le Tian Playground Equipment Company's One-Stop Solution Includes:

1. Planning and Designing of Carnival Rides

2. Planning and Designing for Whole Sites

3. Conduct Independent Research and Development

4. Production of Carnival Ride Products

5. Sale of Products and Designs

6. Installation of Carnival Rides and Theme Setup

7. Professional Operation Training for Amusement Park Client

8. After-sales Maintenance Service


With a complete solution for your amusement park from conceptualisation to completion and after-care, you and your management can focus on your other business operations. Our in-house research and design team ensures that the products and site plans we produce are unique, up-to-date and safe. When the design company and manufacturing company are separate, the "transfer of tasks" is often fraught with miscommunications resulting in delays and dissatisfaction with the products. However, here at Le Tian Playground Equipment Company, we have our own factory. This means that the concepts we have designed alongside you can be made a reality without the hassle of engaging an external manufacturer.


Post-production, Le Tian Playground Equipment Company is also well-positioned to provide you with the services required to ensure that the rides are running well. We are able to install the rides and get it up and running for you. As the manufacturer of the products, we will be able to provide the best professional training to your staff to ensure that they are able to operate the rides independently, smoothly, and safely.


Should you face any technical difficulties, Le Tian Playground Equipment Company will always be available to assist with troubleshooting and conducting technical maintenance services to ensure that the ride is always safe and operational. You can rest assured that, as a forerunner in China's amusement and theme park manufacturing industry, Le Tian Playground Equipment Company seeks to deliver the best throughout the process so that you can receive, use, and maintain your purchased product without problems.




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