How much is a safe bumper cars?

by:LETIAN     2020-04-08
Bumper car is one of the necessary children's amusement facilities, also is the children like to play a game, adults with children in the region of the bumper car collision, fun, but, after all, primarily for object for children, security is in the first place, therefore, merchants buy bumper cars, should pay attention to quality, not keen on gaining petty advantages, there is something wrong with the purchase easy problem of bumper cars. Now a lot of children after the bumper cars in the square, the price cheap, modelling is diverse, very attract children's attention, but the return on investment of this type of bumper cars, want high return on investment motos amusement equipment or large motos double luxury bumper car type. Bumper car such luxury bumper car how much money a about how much is a double bumper cars? Price of bumper cars, no unified pricing generally bumper car price is 8000 - 12000 yuan, more expensive good quality in more than 9000, if appear hundreds of yuan price difference, then use the tire is more bad of the motor, and large difference of bumper cars at ordinary times, businesses should be more attention, carefully identify. Matters needing attention when buying motos: 1, the power part, namely motor and driving wheel transmission way, this is the most important part of the bumper cars, is also vulnerable parts, motor drive to design reasonable, avoid burning motor; The quality of the wheels is crucial, wear-resisting, easy replacement. 2, control part, that is, control the operation of the whole car, music, and lighting circuit control part of the works, some manufacturer design of circuit is very advanced, promotional hype, but you need to consider customers, simple fault attack, whether or not they can damage the circuit under the condition of the whole car can run normally, it is directly linked to your income. So choose, lighting, music, as well as control can't be little, but the circuit part should be as simple as possible, oneself can always solve problems of at any time. 3, factory after-sales service guarantee. After-sales service is a key, now buy things have after-sales service guarantee, when buying motos carefully confirm with good after-sale, after-sale charge or not and so on, play with children's bumper cars note 1, children under the age of ten is unfavorable to play bumper car. Children of muscle, ligament and bone and connective tissue are immature, strong vibration cause sprain and bruise on; 2, bumper car manufacturers is introduced to ride the bumper cars don't put his hand out of the cockpit outside; As far as possible let parents, accompanied by an adult, so as to avoid accidents. 3, bumper car manufacturers tip on body try to lean back and fasten your seat belt; 4, the types of bumper car is a toy car, but also has the characteristics of the real car, so his hands clenched the steering wheel as far as possible, eye view. To calm thinking. Try more amusement equipment, pay attention to zhongshan kimball WWW. jbyoule。 com
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