How do large amusement facilities embedded parts drawing | amusement equipment common problems

by:LETIAN     2020-04-11
Theme park professional procurement staff general consulting large amusement equipment manufacturer, must ask whether need to embed the problem such as equipment, for the first time investment playground, embedded parts is what? Embedded parts is pre-installed ( Buried) The artifacts within the concealed work, is casting is placed in the structure of components, the lap of the upper masonry structure based on. To facilitate the installation of external engineering equipment foundation is fixed, embedded parts are made by metal. In amusement equipment installation, the embedded part is mainly divided into embedded parts, the embedded plate and embedded casing. As amusement equipment foundation bearing of embedded parts, the installation precision of the whole steel structure has a close relationship with member overall quality safety and reliability, is a large amusement facilities installation process one of the most key important segment. Then the corresponding large amusement facilities embedded drawing how to identify correctly? 1. The coordinate according to owner ( The foreign party) Provide the mention of figure, joint construction, structure construction drawing, such as to determine the location of the monomer device, embedded parts of the relative position relations and so on. With construction units of embedded parts installation matters in advance to carry on the communication and coordination, to ensure smooth construction of embedded parts. Measurement engineers are very familiar with of equipment installation drawings. By equipment installation drawings and cross-checked civil construction drawings, to determine the accuracy of the drawings and integrity. 2. Check the coordinates according to owner ( The foreign party) Provide information and coordinate information in the picture, with the construction drawings for check, and timely feedback to incorrect coordinates, to avoid errors caused by different drawing later embedded parts construction, delay subsequent body installation progress. 3. To determine the origin of coordinates using the information provided on the drawing the origin or other location point, determine the relative position of all levels. 4. Coordinate transformation to the landlord will provide the control points of coordinates ( Absolute coordinates) Calculated or relative position relationship into information and provide the relative coordinates on the graph, and ensure that the closed control points, in the archives. 5. Calculating coordinates according to owner ( The foreign party) Provide information and coordinate information in the picture, the secondary deepen calculate the embedded parts needed for measuring coordinate in the construction process, and provide theoretical basis for the construction of the embedded parts and retest. 6. Measuring instruments embedded parts design drawing error in + / - 5 mm, in order to ensure the installation precision, choose high precision total station, such as: the leica TS09 high-precision total station. Instrument parameters: / 2 'Angle measurement precision measuring time standard: 1. + 2×10 - 5毫米 6 d / 2。 4 s, fast: 3 mm + 2 x 10 - 6 d / 0。 Embedded 8 s do need professional amusement facilities embedded parts, if the project is not professional personnel and equipment, amusement equipment manufacturers need to request to provide embedded parts material embedded technical guidance, and do not blind construction.
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