Great Wristbands From Thorshammer Accessories

by:LETIAN     2020-07-09
The fashion industry is really a fascinating world, while at the same time it is a very competitive surrounding. The current Industry practices and the buying behavior of buyer is changing rapidly due to the expansion of the digital present. These changes in the buying behavior have reduced the entry barriers into the industry and leveled the playing field for emerging companies. In today's market it's fundamental that companies follow the style trends and discover innovative process to compete. A distinct segment market of the fashion publication rack accessories and more importantly leather wristbands, possess been slowly coming in the mainstream stylish. Thorshammer Accessories has realized this upcoming trend possibly, it is see we've got collection of handmade wristbands in Scandinavia. The Retail market has had an hard time in an excellent upcoming trend and determine out which accessories style have flexibility to recognition on the mainstream public. This creates an interesting area to check into further. Thor's hammer Accessories can be an emerging company that has been developing unique leather wristbands that and among their clients are Metallica and Pendulum. Thor's hammer Accessories is in operation for four years and growing on a pokey and organic phase. This established by an Icelandic designer Einar Thor. The company's competitive advantage is its capability to combine the old Nordic Sagas and rock and roll into their product and concept refurbishment. The company has 50 exclusive designs on their website Thorshammer Accessories has managed to develope a good fan base in the social media and e.g. has 12800 fans on facebook. The firm's core competences are leather wristbands and the company's product portfolio also includes uniqe 100% full grain leather belts, Rock N Roll t-shirts and handmade jewelry. The mission of the company is in order to become one the major Rock and Roll fashion brand in Scandinavia and well known across society for innovative, edgy and groundbreaking production. We belive that Thorshammer Accessories can be a company which become the following worldwide fashion trend you will additionally love learn more details on Thorshammer Accessories unique products cheek out their website at
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