General Repair Tips on Cement Ball Mill

by:LETIAN     2020-07-11
Besides the characteristics of common ball mill--big crushing ratio, easy-to-adopt speed, Hongxing cement mill also has advantages of little investment, simple technological process, small footprint, easy-to-operate and low maintenance workload. Hongxing mill adopts advanced compartment device structure and fine grinding warehouse is equipped with activation device; end among the mill has a special discharging grate to separate grinding media so that achieve the purpose of improving grinding efficiency and yield. Starting in the ball mill, should check whether the bolt tightening; gears, coupling, etc., as well as the keys on the mine for purchasers spoon-tight situation. Check the oil tank and reducer, the adequacy of the lubricating device and instrumentation whether illnesses, and pipelines is see-thorugh. Mill equipment inspection and grading machine around there impede functioning of the debris, and then the cable car was adopted to Mill week, the ball might be loose tube and ores, and to inspect the pinion gear meshing with the situation, whether abnormal sound. The start order is first launching the ball mill lubricant pump, when the hydraulic reach 1.5 to 2.0 kg / cm 2, only allowed in ball mill and then start grading washer. And all are in normal operation, can begin to get mine. In the running process, ought to always pay focus on bearing temperature should not exceed 50 ~ 65 C. Awareness of the regular motor, voltage, current, temperature, sound, and such. Attention to the lubrication system at any time, the oil tank should not exceed 35 ~ 40 c, to tubing pressure should be maintained at 1.5 to 2.0 kg / cm 2. china cement mill: ore beneficiation: Maintenance 1.Bearing loading machine full load, so a good lubrication on bearing life have a big relationship, it directly affects the service life of the machine along with the running rate, thus requiring into the lubricating oil must be clean, seal must stay in good condition, the main oil: rolling bearing; roller bearing; all the gear; the movable bearing, sliding airliner. 2. The newly installed tire easily loosened must carry out regular review. 3. Cognizant whether or even otherwise the work of machine parts. 4. Be aware of check the wear parts wear degree, always pay awareness of replace the worn countries. 5. Put the device frame plane, runs out dust and dirt to avoid machine doesn't broken material activities bearing can not on the chassis to move, so that a serious misfortune. 6. The bearing temperature, stop and look the reason to be eliminated. 7. Rotary gear your past works whenever an a huge, shall be immediately stop for inspection, and decrease. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as ore flotation equipment, Henan Hongxing is normally doing right in services and product.
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