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by:LETIAN     2020-04-06
Fujian province is rich in tourism resources, including xiamen gulangyu island is the national tourism model, in addition to the fujian wuyi mountain and so on numerous well-known scenic spots also attract a large number of tourists, this year, fujian fuzhou opened a super text brigade project, the preparation of super text brigade theme park is worth a look forward to, a super theme park amusement equipment which will have some! On November 12, the fuzhou government and CDB capital co. , LTD. , mountain hydrology garden investment group co. , LTD. Signed toki island project cooperation agreement, accelerate the post toki international ecotourism island development and construction. Financial, mountain hydrology garden city HeGuoKai tripartite position according to the international ecotourism island, in post toki island to build a world-class theme park tour group of Gavin product, intends to introduce the six flags discovery, Paramount, PVCP major brands of high visibility and reputation at home and abroad, the construction of children's discovery park, museum, high-end resort hotel, six flags, ice and snow park, water park and other projects, create regional landmark of leisure tourism industry transformation and upgrading and promote post toki island new urbanization construction. Among them, the planning exhibition hall, rural complex transformation projects such as flowers, wangjiang floor is due to start construction before the end of the year. Toki island picturesque scenery, a beautiful ecological, HaiLianJiang, fuzhou is a piece of land, is an important part of fuzhou district, to accelerate the development of post toki island building is in our city urban 'east south' of the important tasks. For a period of time, close communication and coordination, the three of us to try first, actively explore the development mode, the innovation policy initiatives, promote the cooperation project. Hope to sign this as an opportunity to insist on high standard, high level, high efficiency, rapid pays special attention to implement the agreement content, go all out to promote brigade of project construction, efforts to forge a tourist theme park group of high-quality goods project. Fuzhou will vigorously carry forward the 'immediately, work diligently' fine tradition, project examination and approval, the policy safeguard in support of project construction. This is known as 'the pearl of the min river mouth' toki island, is the way toward to ecological tourism resort, wisdom, creativity and other integrated services as the main body of international ecological tourism island. Face toward internationalization, through traffic 'meridians' is essential. A super type characteristic of theme park amusement equipment necessary, in addition to the classic roller coaster, bumper cars, pirate ship, big pendulum, also what are terrific new amusement equipment, at very is looking forward to!
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