from the post on the web six flags park plans major expansion

by:LETIAN     2019-10-08
On the Internet, Six Flags of exciting rides in the United States, the newly named and remodeled Six Flags of the United States opening this weekend in Prince George County marks the first step in a major expansion in the next five to seven years, with the park area increasing by 20%.
Premier Park
After purchasing the six-flag chain, the park last year was renamed Adventure World Park and plans to add seven major rides to the Largo theme park, including at least three roller coasters and one Ferris wheel
The expansion has heightened anxiety in communities near Six Flags.
Some residents are worried about increased noise and weekend traffic bottlenecks in the nearby United States. S.
301 and 214 of the roads on Highway 202 and Maryland.
But their concerns are tempered by the prospect that the amusement park may stimulate economic growth in a country that tries to attract upscale restaurants and retail stores.
\"There are not many complaints. . .
But we are concerned that the park may develop to the extent that it is causing significant damage to the residents of our community, \"said the pastor.
KIPP banks is the chairman of the Kingsford Community homeowner organization.
\"Their property has direct access to our lot.
\"The Prince George County Planning Commission recommends approval of the expansion plan.
The district examiner\'s public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday and the examiner\'s decision will be reviewed by the County Council.
Park officials have been meeting homeowners in recent weeks to try to alleviate some of their concerns about the expansion, as well as some $40 million in expansion fees for new rides, restaurants and other attractions this weekend.
The company is paying for a reasonable study in two neighboring communities over the weekend, and Six Flags engineers are also planning to place a balloon over the park, show residents no more than 200 of the park\'s new rides --
Foot height limit.
Myron Johnson, president of Kettering Civic Foundation, said the company responded to concerns that some residents thought the rides were too high.
Two new roller coaster towers over the park are bright green and yellow. orange.
The Joker\'s Jinx station 78 feet, two-
137 feet tall face ride.
Where are people looking? Six Flags is]
\"Said Johnson.
But, he added, most people think, \"you will hear it when you live near the amusement park and you will see the park.
Johnson and Marvin Holmes, president of Watkins Park homeowner group, both said the prime minister has been a \"good corporate friend\" for the past seven years \".
\"We have a vested interest in what\'s going on there,\" Holmes said . \".
\"The World of Adventure is very, very good.
Six Flags can\'t come in. if you don\'t become a good corporate citizen, you can expect to benefit from this land.
I think they will.
\"The complex has been home to amusement parks since 1972 ---
Before most residents move into the community, before the property boom, the area became one of the fastest growing areas in Prince George County.
Premier Park, an Oklahoma-
Since the acquisition of Adventure World in 1992, the company has spent nearly $100 million to expand and renovate the theme park.
Last year, the company announced that the adventure world will take the Warner Bros. cast as the center to acquire the Six Flags brand and a new theme.
And DC comic characters.
The move aims to raise the profile of a park that has never had fan appeal from King Paramount Dominion or Virginia Busch Gardens.
As part of the transition to Six Flags park, the prime minister added a new Six Flags park
The acre district, called Gotham City, has two new steel roller coasters, Batman stunts and new restaurants, rides and games.
The plan includes a booth.
Roller coaster, 200-foot-
High steel roller coaster, runaway car travel, water travel, 120-foot-
High Ferris wheel and indoor roller coaster, passengers will stay in the dark.
The nature of the seventh new attraction has not yet been determined.
County council member Ronald V. Russell (D-Mitchellville)
The company says it is \"investing in the kind of money you want to see.
\"You want it to bring not only the hotel but also the restaurant,\" Russell said . \".
\"I like it from this point of view.
\"Six Flags officials say more than 2 million tourists visit each year when the expansion is completed.
This includes a 20% increase in attendance this season due to the six-flag conversion.
Janet Porter, general manager of Six Flags, described the company\'s strategy as \"slow and steady growth \".
But she also admitted that the prime ministers wanted the Six Flags park to be the flagship park of a chain of parks, including 31 parks around the world.
Larry Petrella, senior media and entertainment analyst at Lehman Brothers
The Six Flags website said in New York,
Growth potential for many years.
\"I have a feeling that the park will become very big over time,\" he said . \".
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