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by:LETIAN     2020-04-02
Fly high, a highly distance, speed, high level to stimulate large-scale amusement equipment, around the theme of the global each big playground, he, like the ferris wheel was a landmark attractions in the theme park, a fly high from procurement to operate, in the middle there is a very complicated operation process, of course, once put into operation, the high altitude flying chair brings popularity effect is perfect. If your scenic spots, theme park, just need to purchase a fly high such large-scale amusement equipment, will be a phone search on the Internet, and then you will find what a lot of company also supply fly high, the asking price is multifarious, is faced with the decision, flying more than 30 meters high in the category of special equipment, belongs to the class B more amusement equipment registration, that is to say, only flying with high production and installation qualification of the factory can only supply the large flying chair, while 80% of online information are unlicensed manufacturers or traders of others. Try to introduce to the kimball production under the flying of the 40 meters high flying device of 40 meters high/high flying chair technical parameters are as follows: Altityde flying flying high models: GKFX - 36 b fly high total power: 100 kw fly high in the number: height: 36 people fly high equipment flying 42 meters high area: 26 * 39 m fly high lifting height: flying 29 meters high cycle: 3 mim fly high equipment: 46 t 'fly high amusement equipment is introduced: it is a large outdoor stimulation amusement machine, rotating, and majestic structure, decorate concise and elegant, high attendance, won the customer consistent high praise. Passengers with the seat ring chains hanging on the turntable, along with the wheel at the same time as spinning and upper and lower composite motion, make passengers feel rotating centrifugal force and run the high level of fun. Amusement park is entertaining, thrilling and exciting for the integration of recreational facilities. Identify a amusement equipment manufacturer, the capacity of real the best thing to do is on-the-spot investigation, see if you need this kind of amusement equipment is in actual production, there is no real field in operation, etc. , try the following share kimball debugging fly high in the factory of the first production product scene shooting pictures, the picture is truth: more about amusement equipment, high price, technical parameters, operation video, investment analysis, and other information about fly high, please contact customer service requests!
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