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by:LETIAN     2020-05-06
Fly high, also known as flying chair, is a theme park as landmark attractions is equal to the ferris wheel, now more and more scenic spots more fly high, favored by the following reasons: 1, equipment flight speed, the stimulus, absorbing gas 2, night view lighting is very beautiful, cater to the people be fond of taking pictures, now take 3 trill hobby which to fly high and covers an area of more small than the ferris wheel, especially suitable for limited geographical tourism scenic area 4, equipment cost, a ferris wheel at the cost of more than 2 million, while only fly high, more than 100 budget more reasonable 5, revenue effect: fly high with the characteristics of rapid water flow than the wheel every day more rounds of tourists more starts since this year, try kimball has been flying production shipment of 3 sets of 40 meters high, there are 2 sets of has finished the test, waiting for the scheduled opening date opened smoothly, try kimball production fly high in the light of the up and down, look look about the same, only fly high lights lit up at night, you can find the beauty of his. Here is to carefully introduce fly high of this large an exciting amusement equipment: fly high, is a large-scale amusement equipment, amusement machine, is a classic luxury amusement equipment according to the flying chair, circular round coiled column in rotating rise or rotate falling movement of the seat frame or the market at the same time frame seat rotation around the center of a circular disk itself, climb passengers sit flying chair rotation above 52 meters high, and began to rapid rotation, bring tourists exciting experience, bring infinite scream and shout to amusement park. Amusement park is entertaining, thrilling and exciting for the integration of recreational facilities. Flying 40 meters high technical parameters as follows Altityde flying the sky flying chair models: GKFX - 36 b fly high total power: 100 kw fly high in the number: height: 36 people fly high equipment flying 42 meters high area: 26 * 39 m fly high lifting height: flying 29 meters high cycle: 3 mim fly high equipment: 46 t generally throw millions of playground facilities, it must be very careful in choosing a vendor, and even to many many times to the same manufacturer field survey for many times, after a lot of communication and negotiation, finally to determine fly high qualified suppliers and other amusement equipment. Since last year, the playground of the land policy, land approval is more difficult to take, to get customers, is a hard-won opportunity, at the time of project must be professional team people, looking for professional supplier as partners, to ensure the benign operation of the project. Investment in a business, not cheap opportunistic, don't ask the world at a low price. Choose amusement equipment suppliers, is choose win-win business partners in order to win the world! Again cheap amusement equipment not business = garbage again nice amusement equipment business not = garbage again good manufacturer customer service no business = garbage plans to invest at an amusement park, need a strong professional supporting manufacturers? Need professional site planning design, professional planning team, the theme of the need to amusement equipment design is novel, need amusement equipment are of good quality, need amusement equipment team, good service, need affordable amusement equipment, need to 'one-stop' work style construction, to save time. Kimball try three business sectors: theme park design, amusement equipment manufacturing, playground management consulting, one-stop percent, to help you! Learn more about fly high and other amusement equipment technical parameters and quotation, please contact the staff!
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