florida theme parks: get ready for a wild ride

by:LETIAN     2019-10-13
2016 to Florida theme park: 200-
It will be the highest roller coaster in Orlando.
Reincarnation of Universal Studios Orlando.
\"Frozen\" riding based on Epcot.
A new light show in Disney\'s Animal Kingdom.
Details remain private at a major attraction in Busch Gardens.
This year, did we forget to mention that the biggest news in the park in 2015 was. . .
Building walls.
They are everywhere, around 2016 of the attractions, and the big ones that will come in 2017 --
Avatar landed in Disney\'s Animal Kingdom.
Within the park, the biggest attraction of the year is the Heart Lake City that will open this summer.
Outside the park I-
The 360 complex drive with the Orlando Eye opens on May 4.
The owner of the Theme Park Review said that the upcoming attractions show the skills of the theme park to pack a variety of rides and show shows to provide something for everyone. com website.
\"If you look at the six flags or the Cedar Point, their target is one person --the thrill-
Job seekers from their teens to their early 20 s, \"said Alvey.
But go to Busch Garden.
Their latest thrill trip is the wrath of the Falcon, leaning towards the older crowd.
We heard that the next roller coaster they\'re building is more families. oriented . . .
Sesame Street and (Roller coaster)
The park will be beautiful.
\"The same is true for SeaWorld, Disney, Universal and International Boulevard,\" he said.
\"They are making sure to cover everyone.
There is nothing to do, no one will leave.
\"Here\'s what\'s new this year and what\'s going on in the future.
Heartlake City is a new land based on the Lego Friends toy collection and will open this summer.
According to friends Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie from the toy series launched in 2002, there will be a horse in this new field
Roller coaster with theme of \"Mia\'s riding adventure\", \"interactive friends of rescue Show\" and \"new store in Heart Lake Mall.
The Legoland Hotel will open in May 15 with 152 guest rooms decorated with the theme of Lego toys: Pirates, adventure, Kingdom or friends.
All rooms are equipped with treasure chests and at least 8 Lego models.
Hotels overlooking Lake ilowice will have Lego bricks
Theme game area, character meetingand-
Greetings area and children-
The restaurant provides convenient facilities such as a short self-service station.
The model store at Legoland is moving into the hotel, where the main model manufacturers will hold workshops specifically for hotel guests.
Hotel guests can also arrive at the park in advance.
Last year was a big year for Universal Orlando, which opened its second attraction, diagonal lane, and a train connecting Hogsmeade.
The dining and entertainment area walk, located between the two park entrances, was remodeled in 2014 with eight new dining venues.
It will be big next year: King Kong returns to the world.
The storyline will be different from any other King Kong theme park attractions-
He has already got one of his.
Skull Island: In the summer of 2016, Kong Wang, who opened on the Global Adventure Island, will take explorers looking for prehistoric animals into the jungle, an executive producer with universal creativity.
They will go through the ruins of the jungle and temples, then board the adventure truck heading to Skull Island, meet dangerous, hostile locals, horror, and finally the huge holes themselves.
\"It will be a ground-breaking attraction.
\"It will be a fierce attraction and we will attract guests,\" West said. . .
The mysterious and daunting world of King Kong.
They will play an active role in the next generation of storytelling.
\"The trip will take place between the cartoon lagoon and Jurassic Park, which has been under construction since last spring.
Although it was a secret, it was a trip to King Kong and was not confirmed until May 6.
This is the second King Kong attraction in Universal Studios Orlando.
The first was kongfron, one of the original rides at Universal Studios, which closed in 2002 to make room for the revenge of the mummy.
Universal Studios Hollywood also has two King Kong attractions.
Everything is different.
Skull Island tour is not a storyline for any movie or attraction.
This is the next generation, \"West said.
This time, he will not cause serious damage to New York.
\"The fact that you are in his house, not him, is the reason why the attraction is different,\" West said . \".
West said universal consulted the 2005 remake director of 1933 films on how to combine adventure, \"but it\'s its own story and experience.
For guests, this is an opportunity to visit Hong Kong in a way they have never seen before.
\"Also at Universal Studios Orlando: The company announced on May 7 that it will create attractions based on Nintendo video games, but no other details are given.
Nintendo games include Super, Zelda and donkey.
The world\'s fifth hotel Sapphire Falls is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016.
This will be the Caribbean Sea-
The theme hotel features 1,000 rooms, a tropical lagoon and a waterfall.
The resort has been licensed to build a second water park that slides down the slopes of the volcano and will be completed in 2016.
With the expansion of the magical kingdom fantasy world, Walt Disney World\'s biggest public announcement project is an embodiment --
Inspired land and light shows extend the time of the animal kingdom to late night.
Please note, \"announced publicly.
\"The work is also going on, but it\'s a secret.
Animal Kingdom: In 2016, there should be a bright River on the Discovery River before the Everest expedition.
The night show will combine live music, floating lanterns, water curtains and animal images.
Although the building wall hides the work in the most favorable position, a strip can be seen from the bridge between DinoLand and Discovery Island.
The evidence of Avatar land is better hidden, but from the parking lot, the construction crane hovers over the tree on the left side of the main entrance, Camp Minnie --
Mickey used to be.
The new land is scheduled to open in 2017.
Avatar will feature Pandora\'s floating mountains, with plants glowing in the dark, sailing through its bio-glowing jungle, but its star attraction will be to ride the flying Banshee like the na \'vi ride in the movie.
In an interview with Walt, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney
, Describes climbing on the prototype car.
\"It feels so real, so realistic,\" said Igel . \".
\"There was never something like it.
\"Variety says the Banshee\'s body will mimic a breathing beast, moving with 3D action on a large video screen similar to Epcot soarin\'ride.
Hollywood studios: What happened here last year?
And the backcourt tour.
Another 122-
The cap of the magician in front of the house on the great movie tour has been removed.
Disney won\'t say what it built in these spaces, except for a frozen singing --
Will Occupy-
Was renamed-this summer.
Some fan sites that follow the theme park project are betting on the brand new Star Wars Land.
After Disney bought the Star Wars franchise in 2012, Iger said Disneyland would attract more Star Wars attractions.
Hollywood studios already have Star Tours and nearby attractions, and fans say this is the logical home of any new Star Wars attractions.
There was also talk about bringing a version of the land of the car to Orlando.
Also in Hollywood studios: the Toy Story craze is expanding as new tracks enter.
The ride should be completed by the end of 2016.
Magic Kingdom: on January, Peter Pan\'s Flight held an interactive queue on one of Walt Disney\'s World\'s oldest rides, Flight 44.
Ding Ling flew around and guests could interact with Wendy, John and Michael\'s toys.
Also in the Magic Kingdom: in the Castle of the Beast, make our guest restaurant and test a fixfix breakfast in July 18.
Epcot: The journey based on the movie \"Frozen\" will enter the space of the Norwegian Pavilion, which is occupied by a whirlpool, a boat tour of Norwegian culture and geographical highlights.
It is planned to open in the first half of 2016.
Because the frozen car is driving faster-
Maelstrom was closed in October less than two years later
Theme park experts say the new journey may be built on the same track in Maelstrom, rather than starting from scratch.
Disney declined to comment.
Disney is also building a separate meeting. and-
Greeting Anna and Elsa, the heroine of \"Frozen\", about the nearby space, but didn\'t say when it would be open.
Also at Epcot: With the addition of the third theater, the capacity of soarin\'ride is expanding and is expected to open by the end of next year.
Innoventions West, the site of three exhibitions sponsored by commercial enterprises, is temporarily closed;
No news of the new exhibits.
Downtown Disney: The park is not the only place with building walls.
The first phase of the transition from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs will begin this year, opening new stores and restaurants in the section called \"landing.
The latest addition is the houseboat, with the theme of sailing sea, with high-end menus of steak, ribs, seafood and raw bars, as well as rides on amphibious vehicles.
A parking garage has been opened and a second one will be opened this year.
The renovated shopping, dining and entertainment district will consist of four outdoor communities connected by a flowing spring and a lake inspired by the Florida roundof-the-
Century lake town
The other three districts are scheduled to open in 2016, with a total of nearly 150 shops and restaurants-
Twice before the renovation.
More Disney: Richard Petti driving experience and Exotic Driving Experience of Walt Disney World are scheduled to be closed permanently in August.
Make room for unspecified transport improvements.
However, since the fatal crash of April 12, the Exotic Driving Experience has been closed indefinitely and may not be reopened.
The first phase of the villa is opened in the seven ocean lagoon, and it is close to the village resort of polynisia, one of Disney\'s World original hotels.
Upon completion this summer, there will be 360 open-plan villas and more than 20the-Water Bungalow.
Sea World is building a 200
It will open next year as the highest roller coaster in Orlando.
Its height will be the same as that of the SeaWorld sister park Tampa Bay Busch Gardens, but will be dwarfed by the height of 500 m.
The walking skyscraper will open on International Avenue on 2017.
SeaWorld has not released any other information about the new roller coaster.
Clyde and Simo sea lion heights were launched in April, replacing the previous 15-year sea lion show.
All three SeaWorld parks are pushing ahead with plans to build a larger whale habitat.
The first one, which will be built at Sea World San Diego, will be twice as many as the existing facilities and will include a \"fast water flow\" that allows whales to swim with moving water \".
Work at San Diego park is likely to start later this year, and SeaWorld park in Orlando and San Antonio may start in a year or so.
A new thrill ride to Tampa park on last September: Falcon rage, 335-
Drop the rider\'s foot tower for a few seconds in a 60-mile/hour free fall.
The park also closed two attractions. Gwazi, a 16-year-
Old wooden roller coasters that are no longer popular and Rhino Rally rides on safari trucks
Nor did it say how it would replace them.
For Gwazi, a Park spokesman said, \"We are still considering different options, including from dismantling it and building something new, to transforming it with rails . \".
\"With the Rhino Rally, we\'re looking at what\'s possible in that area of the park, and everything goes back to that area from the travel experience to the expansion of the habitat.
\"Busch Gardens has also started work on a mysterious attraction that will open in 2016, but doesn\'t say what the attraction will be.
New attractions are being built in the Egyptian part of the park, including the expansion of King Tutankhamen\'s tomb, walking-
Recently closed attractions.
The Serengeti Railway, which surrounds remote areas of the park, is temporarily closed while the tracks are relocated around new attractions;
Plans to reopen at the end of the month.
\"What we like to stand on the pillars is exciting rides --
One thing we do better than others
But the animals and the performances are also great . \"
\"When we see new attractions, we include as many of these elements as we can, and we are doing this in 2016 of the attractions.
There will be no other such thing in the world.
Across the street from Adventure Island-
Busch Garden Water Park-
There is a new exciting slide to ride in groups of two or four.
Giant curly 662-foot, 42-
The second time through the twisted tube, let the rider move up and down the wave wall for a while, weightless.
New attractions are changing the international drive south of Universal Orlando and north of Orange County Convention Center.
The Orlando Eye, 400-
Foot Observation Wheel;
Madame Tussauds has 60 to 80 wax figures on display at a time;
Aquarium of marine life, walking distance-
Aquarium and ocean exhibition open in May 4.
All three attractions are owned by Merlin Entertainment, which is also the parent company of Legoland.
In the same complex, a museum
Bones: Animal appearance
It opened in April.
Meanwhile, plans for Skyplex, the entertainment center that will be supported by the world\'s tallest roller coaster, are moving forward several blocks on International Avenue and Shahu Road.
Developer Joshua Warak says he has purchased the remaining land needed and is expected to break ground later this year.
One of its features: skyscrapers, 500-foot-
Plus a vertical roller coaster; SkyFall, a 460-
Wallack says it will be the tallest tower in the world (
Falcon rage in Busch Garden is 335 feet high);
And SkyFly, guests will take a zip line from the top of the skyscraper.
The stimulus complex will open by the end of 2017, he said.
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