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DIY swing ride flying zoo

DIY swing ride flying zoo

DIY swing ride flying zoo

Name of the product
Super flying chair
Place of Origin
Made in China
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
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Quantity Needed:

Size2000*1500 cm
Voltage3N+PE 380V/220V 50-60Hz
Power50 kw
Total seat36 person

Product Description

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The flying chair is a novel flying tower series of amusement equipment, colorful appearance decoration, interesting form of movement, tourists sitting on a hanging chair, with the turntable rotation slowly rising, like flying in the blue sky, as if exposure to waves Ups and downs of the sea, the role of tourists in the centrifugal force, around the central column ups and downs, like flying in the blue sky hovering dance, one after another, set entertainment, thrilling in one of the fun!

Product Display

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Exclusive customization
Colourful Design
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Exhibition Room

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Service Process

Project negotiations
Site visits
Design agreement signed
Design plan
Construction contract signed
Construction design
Determination scheme
Construction and installation
Complete acceptance
Post-maintenance services

Packing & Shipping

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Successful Cases

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In order to meet the standards of the textile industry, LETIAN fair swings is produced under strict quality control. We check and test the quality control of size matching, color fastness and color matte finish. This product makes people's life easier and cleaner
LETIAN swing ride is finely developed by the R&D staff. It is built with various characteristics under the concept of high techs, such as shock-proof, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistance capacities in mechanical working conditions. Made of green and pollution-free materials, it gives users the safest care
The quality of [17] is guaranteed. It undergoes a rigorous quality check prior to shipment and will be rejected if there are any visible dents, perforations or extrusion lines. With its easy operation procedure, the product is convenient to use
LETIAN swing ride is designed to be safe. It has passed a series of comprehensive product quality control tests to ensure that it is completely free of carcinogens. It is a fashion "gift" for many people when visiting relatives and friends
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is one of the main factors in LETIAN swing ride production. Materials used in the product are required to be tested in terms of strength, mechanical properties, and durability. It meets the requirements of people's pursuit of quality life
The product is characterized by low energy consumption. Built with the optimized circuit arrangement, it has less connecting wires, which helps reduce energy loss to some extent. The product is practical and can be frequently used for many times
It can suck up sweat and other types of moisture, instead of absorbing it. On sweaty nights, no matter how wet it gets, it dries out very quickly. With its simplicity, the product improves the living standards of consumers
This product is somewhat fire retardant. The insulating materials used for this product meet higher demands in glow wire testing. The product is practical and can be frequently used for many times
This product is free of any toxic substances. During production, any harmful chemical substances that would be residual on the surface have been totally removed. The product has become a must-have product at home for consumers
The product is durable, and for the reason that it is tightly woven, it is not prone to be scratched by sharp nails. The product is essentially applied in personal care filed
The product is characterized by its improved flexibility. It is able to support multiple directions to complete various kinds of multiple tasks.
The product plays an important role and has been deeply trusted by our customers. The design concept of this product is rational and close to user life
The offered product is the first choice of the customers for its huge economic benefits. With its simplicity, the product improves the living standards of consumers
As the product is more economical and practical than similar products in the industry, it will be more widely used. It meets the requirements of people's pursuit of quality life
The product is extensively demanded in the market due to unsurpassable advantages. The product is available in various styles and technology options
This product is used in a multitude of applications. The design of this product keeps up with the trend: "light luxury, health, fashion
The offered product is extensively used for customers in the industry. In addition to being long-lasting and durable, the surface of this product is also easy to clean
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