disney is just biggest among amusement park chains of summer 2014

by:LETIAN     2019-10-12
PORTLAND, Ore. (MainStreet)
This summer, all the roller coasters, marshmallow spools, and workers sweating in mascot costumes are more than just the United States. S.
Among the nearly $15 billion amusement park industry in the country, roadside attractions are crucial.
More than 400 parks and attractions in the United StatesS.
According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in Alexandria, the amusement park route welcomes about 0. 3 billion visitors every year through the gate.
The top 131 urban parks in North America account for 20 am.
According to the theme Artists Association entertainment industry group in Burbank, California, last year, 5 million of tourists increased their attendance rate by 17% in the past decade.
More importantly, they employ more than 100,000 employees.
Round workers, plus 500,000 seasonal workers per summer.
It\'s not a bad show either, 2011 of the IAAPA survey found that 28% of Americans say they like the idea of working for amusement park companies.
This is a quarter of the country, it is willing to endure the amusement facilities full of screaming customers, extremely hot, moldy clothes, dissatisfied customers online, many foods are mainly made of sugar or fried food, just to get a little sunshine and salary.
Who can blame them?
This is a fairly stable job with a few exceptions.
In the past year, about 43% of Americans have visited an amusement park. people plan to go next year.
Market research firm IBISWorld pointed out that even in the five years since the recession,S.
The amusement park industry is growing by 4% annually.
For the big companies behind these rides, games, shows and other attractions, overseas growth during the US periodS.
While expanding its brand\'s global footprint, the recession has managed to minimize the damage.
Globally, the largest 10 am Park-owned group has received 0. 377 billion visitors, an increase of 5. 4% from 2012.
As the park increases its attractions and its economy picks up, more tourists are expected this year.
The following five companies are not only behind most parks in the United States. S.
Vacationers will visit this summer, but they are one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world.
They do not attract \"guests \";
They attract the population of small countries every year: Sea World: San Diego; Orlando, Fla. ;
San Antonio, Texas;
In the Sesame Place of Langhorne in Pa. ;
Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida. ;
A Watertown in Williamsburg, USA.
Number of visitors in 2013: 23.
The bad news of the 4 million is that last year many people watched the documentary \"black fish\" and had some serious problems with SeaWorld\'s handling of killer whales and the ethics of animals as entertainment.
This helps reduce the number of visitors to all SeaWorld parks by 4.
After its parent company SeaWorld Entertainment went public in 2013, shares rose 1%.
Including the 5% decline in SeaWorld Orlando.
Used Park, 19 am and 10 of the world-
Largest in the United StatesS.
Attendance exceeded 5 million last year.
It also hurt the first-ranked San Diego SeaWorld.
Ranked second in the world
2013 11 in the United States and 4.
3 million tourists.
Worse for SeaWorld, it masks a promising new penguin show in Orlando and destroys the weight of the first year after being sold by Anheuser
In 2009, Busch joined Blackstone Group.
SeaWorld has carried out a public relations campaign to refute the documentary\'s claim and to guarantee the safety of its animals and processors, but whether its misfortune will continue until this summer, we will wait and see.
Cedar exhibition location: USA, Santa Clara, California;
Canada Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. ;
In Charlotte, N. C. ;
Cedar Point in sandarski, Ohio;
Donnie Park and wild water Kingdom in Pa Allentown. ;
Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, California;
Located in the King\'s territory of Va dos Vale. ;
King\'s Island in Mason, Ohio
Nott Berry Farm in Buena Park, California;
Michigan adventure in Muskegon, Michigan. ;
The Valley market in Kobe Bryant, Minnesota Mountain. ;
Happy World in Kansas City, Missouri.
Number of visitors in 2013: 23.
The downturn in SeaWorld has made Cedar Expo and its huge collection of North American amusement parks leap into the first place.
Amusement park companies around the world.
Its visitor base increased by only 0.
It was 9% last year, but Cedar Fair will bear the loss.
See also: the cost of a movie this summer is higher, which doesn\'t help, why shouldn\'t it?
Cedar Expo has four of the top 20 am use parks in the North American market, none.
Berry Farm in Nott (3.
7 million tourists in 2013, an increase of 5%), No.
Wonderland in Canada (3.
6 million, down 2%), No.
15 Cedar Point (3.
4 million, up 5%)and No.
Island of Kings (3.
2 million, flat growth).
It also has five parks, the top six in the world for most roller coasters.
It has 74 roller coasters at Cedar Point, Canada\'s Wonderland, King\'s Island, King\'s Dominion and Kings winds only.
Former Disney executive Matt Ouimet helped update the company\'s infrastructure and put all the parks under one umbrella, however, his predecessor, Dick Ginzel, bought Paramount\'s theme park from CBS in 2006 and refused to sell it to Apollo Global Management in 2009, which helped the Cedar Point retain its identity, which is today
Six Flags: A great escape in Queensbury, New YorkY. ;
Mitchell Ville, Maryland, USA;
Discovery Kingdom of viyo, California;
Texas Carnival in San Antonio
Great Adventure in Jackson, N. J. ;
Great America in Gurney, sick. ;
Magic Mountain in Valencia, California;
The masses are in New England, Agawam. ;
Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. St. Louis in St. Louis, Mo. ;
Over Georgia in Osterle, Georgia;
Mexico City;
Number of tourists in Montreux in 2013: 26.
It is hard to believe that the company went bankrupt before 2009.
Between 2007 and 2010, 10 properties were sold, and a stake in Dick Clark\'s production company was sold, and cut off Jim Reid, new chief executive with Terminator, tank engine Thomas, and swing man.
Anderson is the fifth in the world.
The biggest amusement park company.
Attendance at the park has increased.
4% last year, the season pass was sold at a brisk pace, including the full throttle of Magic Mountain and Superman: The Escape from Krypton brought plenty of fresh faces.
Magic Hill, 18-
Attendance at North America\'s largest amusement park has increased by 3. 5%, to 2. 9 million. No.
The great adventure increased the number of visitors by 5%, bringing the total number of visitors to 2. 8 million.
The six flags have also received some great help in Mexico, and the number of Mexican tourists has increased. 7%, to 2.
35 million thanks to its new clown-themed ride.
With three of North America\'s top 20 water parks in a heavy rain
The wet summer did not really hurt the cause.
However, despite all the Warner Brothers and D. C. Comics tie-
Ins, if the six flags want to hang on the top with the chain below, it still has a long way to go. . .
Globe Park & resort location: Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles
Orlando Universal Studios and Orlando Adventure Island, Florida. ;
Universal Studios Osaka, Japan;
Universal Studios Singapore 2013 visitor: 36.
4 millionaires-
Universal has four of the world\'s top 20 am use parks, and three of the top 10 parks in the United States. S.
But Universal Studios in Orlando (
7 million tourists in 2013, an increase of 14%)
Adventure Island nearby (8.
1 million, up 2%)
Universal Studios Hollywood (6.
1 million, up 4%)
Is it Osaka?
See also: 7 cheap holidays worth visiting Universal Studios Japan are hard to understand. It greeted 10.
Last year, there were 1 million tourists, an increase of 2% from 2012. it is the only park in the world that does not belong to a cartoon mouse.
Orlando added a 3-
D. Transformers ride, tracking throughout Springfield\'s dedicated area for The Simpsons, up 14% and still unable to match Japan\'s passion.
Osaka has yet to receive a version of the Harry Potter world of magic, which just opened in Osaka this summer and still has a lot of numbers.
What is terrible is that it is not universal.
The location of Singapore is just over 3.
6 million tourists, up 5%, most of them
The waiting function is still on the way.
Meanwhile, global plans to stay in South Korea (2016), Beijing (2017)and Moscow (2018)
It could also revive a stalled project in Dubai.
Considering the world\'s top 15 am two cities in South Korea (
14 years of happy world and Everland.
The total number of tourists last year was 2 million)
The other two are in China (
Ocean Park with nearly 15 million visitors and Hong Kong Disneyland, this big-
The budget theme park chain will become bigger.
Disneyland is located in Disneyland and California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California. ;
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. ;
Tokyo Disney Resort in puasu, Japan
Disneyland in Paris Marnela-Vallee, France;
Hong Kong Disneyland
Number of Disney cruise tourists in 2013: 132.
Look at that attendance number.
It is not only four times the number of global Park visitors last year, but also enough to make Disney park the world\'s tenth largest country after Russia (146 million)
Ahead of Japan (127 million).
This is about 2% of the world\'s population and will grow bigger.
Shanghai Disney will open in 2015 and will become the second Disneyland in mainland China.
The first one was painted in Hong Kong.
Demand soared last year with 4 million tourists. 4% from 2012.
Disneyland in Paris attracts only a small number of visitors from Walt Disney Studios.
2013 4 million.
It\'s not that Disney really hurts anywhere in the world.
Last year, the attendance rate at Disneyland in Paris dropped by 7%, but it was still number one.
There are 6 World theme parks and 11.
2 million tourists.
The Magic Kingdom of Orlando Disney World has increased enrollment by 6% to 18.
There were 6 million people last year.
This is more than twice the largest park in the United States. S.
Does not belong to Disney World Adventure Island 8.
At the same time, 1 million tourists were able to visit. Its least-popular U. S.
Disneyland California Adventure Park (8.
5 million tourists)
Still managed to surpass any other non
The National Disneyland.
Even the unpopular studios in Paris, if any of them are lucky enough to join, will be the biggest amusement park in the Six Flags or Cedar exposition portfolio.
How do you compete with such a big enemy? You don\'t.
You just try to make a closer and cheaper option.
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