Chinese zodiac bumper car shipments in August

by:LETIAN     2020-05-20
Bumper car has been a hot selling item of try kimball's king, this year as the Chinese zodiac motos, kimball bumper car sales hit a record high! Kimball vehicle bumper cars are divided into several big theme, respectively is: car bumper car series, rainbow series, bumper car, bumper cars cartoon series, animal series of bumper cars, different styles of bumper car color is rich, brightly lit, atmosphere, quality sound effects, with large power motor, real sprint fun type bumper cars are popular among players. Zodiac bumper car is listed in June, July there have been many new customers ordered all Chinese zodiac net bumper car. Generally an entry-level motos playground is controlled in 200 square, is ten bumper car, bumper car with twelve Chinese zodiac, just a bumper car field configuration. It is August tail, review in August ordered Chinese zodiac motos customer order delivery and installation: guangxi customer: 260 bumper car floor, 12 zodiac bumper cars ( You have installed delivery operation) Yunnan customer: 400 square bumper car floor, 20 Chinese zodiac bumper cars ( Such notification delivery) Xinjiang customers: 400 square bumper car floor, 22 Chinese zodiac bumper cars ( Already installed) Guizhou customers: 340 square bumper car floor, 16 sets zodiac bumper cars ( The installation is complete, wait for testing) Chongqing customer: 180 square bumper car floor, 9 bumper cars (Chinese zodiac Waiting for installation) Malaysia customer: 32 battery bumper cars ( The shipments) Uzbekistan customers: 450 square bumper car floor, 23 Chinese zodiac bumper cars ( The shipments) Hebei customer: 250 square bumper car floor, 13 new bumper cars (Chinese zodiac In the production) Jiangxi customers: 360 square bumper car floor, 18 zodiac bumper cars ( In the production) Chinese zodiac bumper cars so popular, in addition to chic modelling, it is important to kimball is settled more than 10 years of brand reputation, adhere to the high-quality goods of high-end bumper car manufacturing technology, allow customers to operate up to worry!
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