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by:LETIAN     2020-05-01
After 11 after the holiday, many supermarkets with theme scenic spots began to busy, planning for the upcoming Halloween, Christmas and the coming, although said that Halloween and Christmas is a holiday in the United States, but with the foreign trade, foreign holidays in China have been popular for many years, the Chinese and foreign festivals seem to be all one, already. And the Christmas is equivalent to the Chinese New Year, of course, to get the most lively is supermarket shopping malls, no doubt, way to activity atmosphere, build shopping atmosphere, and beautify the shopping environment, good things will bring good to consumers. So this Christmas, there are several shopping malls within this year to a different Christmas gifts for children, let us have a special Christmas, the special gift is snow and ice on a roller coaster children's amusement equipment. Snow and ice on a roller coaster is one of the family a roller coaster, also called parents and a roller coaster at the same time, a trunk can take two people at the same time, is in a special vertical cross rut new amusement equipment, snow and ice on a roller coaster amusement equipment modelling give a person a kind of warm feeling, like the sunshine in the winter snow and ice on a roller coaster in order to meet the Christmas things other adornment, using glittering Christmas tree as a decoration material, combined with ice and snow theme to surrounding environment create a fairytale kingdom of snow and ice, with everyone's favorite ice queen roller coaster together with you. Not only beautiful modelling, battery car battery car along the rail automatic steering at the same time, speed and moderate stimulus are very suitable for children, and the track of less than 3 meters high, children in the process of taking a turn the feeling of the mountains, in the colorful lights and beautiful sound company, on its visitors feel excited and happy. Kimball roller coaster is suitable for indoor ice and snow is also suitable for outdoor and indoor snow and ice on a roller coaster after a turn is dressed up, deserve to go up than bright lights outside the roller coaster looks good, here is more sincere love, not only has an AiAi temperature this Christmas a special Christmas gifts for children, then hurriedly took the children for snow and ice on a roller coaster ride on together go to the mountains.
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