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by:LETIAN     2020-04-30
Suitable for children to play the amusement equipment has been the color is more bright-coloured, modelling is new and not big stimulus, this design mainly in order to protect the safety of the children, which has been a carousel is specially designed for children since a children's amusement equipment. Children have a larger market, therefore, the demand for children's amusement equipment is also rising, while the carousel amusement equipment as a symbol of children's playground, is an essential part of amusement park rides. Children's amusement equipment, the price of luxury carousel, 24 luxurious carousel manufacturers offer. Zhongshan kimball amusement equipment co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of children's amusement equipment, large-scale amusement equipment, amusement equipment manufacturers, production of the carousel amusement equipment, according to a number is divided into 12 luxury carousel, 16 to 24 luxurious luxury carousel, carousel, 36 luxurious carousel, 38 double luxury carousel, 68 deluxe double carousel, 88 deluxe double carousel, etc. Luxury carousel on the number according to the demand of the buyer of investment. Children carousel amusement equipment is a popular high attendance amusement equipment, classic children's carousel amusement equipment is also a paradise for the children entertainment, the modelling of children's carousel dream, extremely gorgeous color beautiful interweave, horse and carriage in which hover maneuver, can bring children safe, fun and lively feeling and the infinite fun and attractive. Kimball's carousel designed by professional designers through the seiko, manual craft, new material and metal material on the combination of full of luxury carousel rides the structural safety and durability, large luxury carousel most are for metal structure; Power drive, or a power - driven air compressor, power - these hydraulic drive; However modern high large electric amusement equipment is controlled by computer, on the equipment of different heights to install a large number of electronic sensors, such as pressure, velocity and position sensor, is to ensure the safety of operation. The price of a luxury carousel is not cheap, involving the carousel production technology and production material, so the carousel amusement equipment of the same paragraph different amusement equipment manufacturer, the price is different also, according to the market to the carousel amusement equipment manufacturer defined in terms of price, a merry-go-round in about 12-8 Around 100000. The specific price is according to its production structure of the carousel and the rotation speed and consuming power. 24 luxurious carousel price probably at around 150000, of course, this is just to provide a probably price data for reference, specific luxury carousel also consult the price of the carousel professional manufacturers. Here are the parameters of the 24 luxury carousel reference description: 24 luxurious carousel technical parameters: luxury carousel amusement equipment area: 11 m luxury carousel amusement equipment height: 5. 7 m luxury carousel amusement equipment nuclear number: 24 luxury carousel amusement equipment running speed: 3. 38 circle/minute luxury carousel amusement equipment power: 7. 5 kw
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