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by:LETIAN     2020-05-03
To greet the arrival of the summer vacation, each big scenic spots, theme park is stepping up to do park optimization transformation, many new project playground this year in a race against time and amusement equipment manufacturers docking installation construction, may is coming to an end, kimball ground net bumper car shipments this month to present blowout. 这个月已经交付到客户场地的碰碰车出货情况如下:5月3日,14台地网碰碰车+280方地网碰碰车地板发安徽,并已经安装完成交付客户经营5月6日,9台地网碰碰车+190方地网碰碰车地板发云南,并已经安装完成交付客户经营,14台电瓶碰碰车发河南5月7日,20台地网碰碰车+400方地网碰碰车地板发山东,等待客户平地完成后安装5月8日,18台地网碰碰车+360方地网碰碰车地板发浙江,已经安装完成交付客户经营5月9日,12台天网碰碰车发广西,17台电瓶碰碰车发甘肃5月12日,22台地网碰碰车发甘肃+450方地网碰碰车地板,目前正在安装中5月15日,17台地网碰碰车+320方地网碰碰车地板发宁夏,已经安装完成交付客户经营5月16日,30台电瓶碰碰车发刚果,24台地网碰碰车+300方地网碰碰车地板发巴基斯坦5月19日,14台地网碰碰车发湖南,地网碰碰车地板随第二批大型游乐设备发货5月20日,23台电瓶碰碰车发印度,14台电瓶碰碰车发南非5月22日,26台地网碰碰车+500方地网碰碰车地板发山西截止目前,需要在本月交付的碰碰车订单还有12张,合计194台,金博游艺拥有优质的供应链,保障各大客户的货期要求,该12张订单将于本月内按期交货,请广大客户放心。 In this also remind other customers has yet to conclude a contract for the order, the summer vacation is coming, need to open operation during the summer vacation, please be sure to arrange the reasonable production installation time, never to some customer orders in May, within one month especially in the planning and design and amusement equipment installation and debugging of the playground.
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