Big roller coaster coaster and home return on investment analysis

by:LETIAN     2020-04-10
Whether investment in a large playground or a simple roller coaster, and investors return on investment is the first consideration. Now a lot of scenic spots are need to configure the amusement equipment, many investors is aimed at the first roller coaster, this project because of roller coaster everyone love to play, not lack of popularity. So, what kind of roller coaster suitable investment, large roller coaster and family roller coaster which is more suitable for investment? First of all, want to consider their own investment budget, large roller coaster are millions of families a roller coaster relative to the price of the hundreds of thousands more in line with the small and medium-sized investors, secondly, to consider is the field of tourism, traffic was how, if not large intensive traveling scenic area, the investment of large roller coaster back to the relatively slow. Again, consider the size of site, some space at the top of the hill, if on a large roller coaster pre-construction costs will increase a lot, later maintenance needs to be very professional mount guard personnel, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the smooth operation of the roller coaster, so, also have to consider in the link of human resources, from the back to the Courier, other families roller coaster is more secure, wide audience, a day of revenue data is bigger, so back to the Courier will relatively quickly. , of course, if it is a large scenic area, the construction of a professional amusement park, large roller coaster is essential, large roller coaster and merry-go-round and bumper cars, is a classic configuration of a playground, be short of one cannot. As for the ferris wheel as the investment plan to decide whether to need to be configured. Now on the market more fire roller coaster with the jungle a roller coaster, snow and ice on a roller coaster, space a roller coaster, plutus cat a roller coaster, etc. , are all investment amount within 1 million small and medium-sized rides and reference for the general investors.
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