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by:LETIAN     2019-10-05
Whether you \'ve always been a fan of the latest and greatest roller coasters or enjoy new spins on familiar roller coasters (
Like a chance to ride old
Old wooden roller coaster back)
We have collected the latest exciting rides of the year and everyone has their own stuff!
In addition, we also include a link to the ride video and important information about the fare and parking fees so you know exactly what you are doing.
See the new theme park ridesFor thrill
Doorman seeking adrenaline: Cedar Point in Sandusky, sandotalk
Break the roller coaster.
This year\'s May Day debut at Cedar Point, the gatekeeper has become the longest wing --
4,164 feet style roller coaster with the longest vertical drop of any Wing
Roller coaster--
Up to 164 feet!
Reaching speeds of more than 65 miles per hour, this attraction requires riders to fly through several twists, twists and turns, rolling over maneuvers, including two, giving nearby effects
Collided with a new building built above the front door of the park. Cedar Point;
Adult tickets start at $44.
99 when ordering online.
The primary and premium prices start at $29. 99.
Parking is expected to be $15.
Texas Sky Scream: Six Flags in Texas, Arlington, Texas are your typical swing trip.
Now put the same idea up 400-
Feet above the ground.
That\'s what Texas six-flag skydiving player did, making it the world\'s tallest swing tour, with riders driving 35 miles of a whirlwind on a 124-mile/hour flightfoot-
The wide circle above the park.
Visit skyscre in the evening and enjoy unparalleled views of downtown Dallas and the Fort Worth area to see if you can see the nearby Cowboy Stadium or the Texas Rangers baseball stadium ---
If you can keep your eyes open
Six Flags in Texas;
Buy park tickets at least three days in advance and only pay $44. 99 per person--
The regular online price starts at $47. 99 per person.
People under the age of two and two are free to enter.
The parking fee per car is $20. A. area, Calif.
If you like the cycle, this is the roller coaster of your dreams!
On June, The Full Throttle debuted at Six Flags Magic Mountain, becoming the world\'s tallest and fastest roller coaster.
Those who have the courage to try can ride along the recorded inside and outsidebreaking 160-
3-zero experienceto-70 miles per hour-
Two push you forward, one shoot you back through the underground tunnel before you fly into the last paragraph, and up in half of the track.
Liu qi mo shan;
The fare starts at $41.
When buying online at least three days in advance, 99 per person.
The regular online price starts at $46. 99 per person.
People under the age of two and two are free to enter.
Parking is $18 per car.
This is an illegal run for fans of classic wooden roller coasters: Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri.
Prepare to soar the trees on Outlaw Run, the latest addition to Silver Dollar City.
This wooden roller coaster currently has the steepest record in the world, and is the only wooden roller coaster in the world that can be reversed, not one, but two barrel rolls, throughout the journey, visitors have a total of nine attractions, and they will feel absolutely weightless.
Silver Dollar City;
Adult tickets start at $58 with tickets for children under 4
11 tickets are $48 and tickets for seniors over 62 are $56.
The preferred parking lot closest to the front door is $12 per car, but all the other parking lots in this theme park are free.
Gold Forward: Santa Clara, California, Great AmericaAt 108.
California\'s Great Adventure gold shooter is 2 feet high, delivering passengers at speeds of up to 53 lbs along the 3,197 feet track.
Seven miles per hour, the fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California.
Great America in California
One-day adult tickets start at $45.
Order 99 tickets online, with entry and premium tickets starting at $39. 99.
Find a special deal this summer and give you tickets for $39.
When ordering two or more, $99 per person, saving $23 per person compared to the door price.
Parking is expected to be $15. VIPER--BACKWARDS!
Six Flags in the United States, Gurney, sick.
From now until August 26, visitors to the Six Flags of the great United States will have the opportunity to experience the beloved hills, twists and turns and the best twist --
Famous wooden roller coaster, VIP snake-backwards.
That\'s right, there\'s really Batman in the park that\'s popular: it\'s been going backwards until July 7, and it\'s got into the gut --
Challenge the thrill of 3,500
Wooden roller coaster guaranteed to give visitors a stomach
They will never forget to ride down.
The Great Six Flags of America;
Tickets start at $41 a day.
When buying online at least three days in advance, 99 per person.
Regular online fares start at $46. 99 per person. Parking is $22.
Water tour on the boardwalk of Santa Cruz beach in Santa Cruz, California
If you\'re in the San Francisco Bay area, keep an eye out for the new thrill ride that opens on the boardwalk on Santa Cruz beach on August, one of the favorite American boardwalk for cheap travel.
Four riders-
The two men headed for the car after the two men.
The car continues to spin throughout the journey, guaranteeing that there will be no two exactly the same trips, which is also the only rotating roller coaster in Northern California.
Boardwalk of Santa Cruz beach;
Multiple ticket options available, including unlimited-
Ride the wristband from $31 a day.
95, as well as tickets for scenic spots such as laser tags and mini throws at Boardwalk
Golf for $3895.
Check out the website for more options and discounts. Parking is $12.
River Rush: Splash Country of Dollywood, Pigeon Valley, Tennessee.
Making its debut in five months this year, the River Rush officially became the first in Tennessee
Once the water roller coaster, through the dark, wet tunnel, brings tourists a series of twists and turns to the trees on the four floors.
You will climb like a roller coaster and experience four drops, the biggest of which is 25-
Feet at 45-degree angle.
Splash Country of Dollywood
Tickets for 12-year-old tourists
59 starting at $47, elderly people over 60 and children under 4
Paid from $42.
Parking is expected to be $10. For Family-
New Fantasy World: Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
The new fantasy world of Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom now has new attractions, such as the Magic Forest, an area inspired by beauties, beasts and Little Mermaid.
New Fantasy world restaurants include hostels in Gaston (
It\'s hard not to break into Gaston\'s theme song here! )
It is our guest restaurant and the first restaurant in Magic Kingdom to serve alcoholic beverages.
Plans for next year include preparing a princess fairy Hall for a special princess party --and-
Welcome the new Seven Dwarfs by train.
Classic Disney rides like flying elephants and Barnstormer are now part of the new story book Circus.
Disney World;
One-day ticket for Magic Kingdom is $95 for adults and $89 for 3 year olds9.
Parking is $15 a day.
Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, Florida.
In honor of the new movie \"Despicable Me 2\", which was released earlier this month, Universal Studios invites you to join the film and join Steve Carell\'s infamous Super Movie
In an epic mini-movie, Victoria, Gru and other characters
Full of adventure-in 3-D.
Universal Studios Floridasingle-day single-
$92 for adults and $86 for 3 year olds9.
Parking is expected to be $16.
Transformers 3D: Universal Studios Hollywood, California
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.
Transformers 3D, which is available in Universal Studios theme parks in Florida and California, is billed as \"an immersive next-generation thrill tour that blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality.
\"You will fight with Optimus Prime and friends as the evil overbearing Tiger tries to be in the park\'s latest 3-D attractions.
Universal Studios Florida: single roomday single-
$92 for adults and $86 for 3 year olds9; parking is $16.
Universal Studios Hollywood: $84 for adults and $76 for children under 48. parking is $15.
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