Amusement park design in Ukraine

In October 2018, Mr. Smith from Ukraine was very attracted after seeing our company's products on the website, and it was also very suitable for his site design, so started to contact us.

From the design that has just started to the installation of the equipment, Mr. Smith is very satisfied with our service. At the beginning, Mr. Smith was very anxious to find the product he wanted, but he did not like the catalogues of many amusement equipment companies. But after seeing that our company can customize products for him , so he chose to work with us. When we first started designing, Mr. Smith was very angry because we were too slow to design, but after explanation he understood us, felt that we were credible and choose our plan. After confirming the plan and starting production, Mr. Smith expressed his satisfaction with our one-stop service. From design to installation, he felt very relieved and sent a thank-you letter to our company.

However, we also very thanks to Mr. Smith for his trust and support to our company, because your support made our company more confidence.

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