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by:LETIAN     2020-05-04
When it comes to the theme park, all are in IP, how to make a success of IP, throughout China, IP has several household theme, why foreign Disney, pig page, Donald Duck and other IP so successful? As a playground equipment manufacturers should be how to feed into now all exquisite IP brigade era, how to use the plastic amusement equipment in line with the theme park IP location? On May 16, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference, the spokesman Meng Wei released macro-economic operation and answer the questions. Institutional research shows that in 2020 China will become the world's largest theme park in the market, but at present, there exists a phenomenon of homogeneity of theme parks in China. A reporter wants to know the National Development and Reform Commission on what are the policies and measures to solve this problem. Chinese elements amusement equipment huaguo mountain rafting, Meng Wei said that the subject of a theme park is nearly a period is a hot topic. Overall, the theme park market in China have maintained good momentum of development. But some problems also appeared in the process of development, some theme park concept is not clear, blind, low level repeated construction, appeared the tendency of real estate and debt risks in some places, has affected the healthy development of the industry. To promote to solve these problems, the former stage by commission jointly with the departments concerned specially issued 'on a standard theme park construction and development of guidance'. Next, we will focus on several outstanding problems in work: one is blind development, the homogeneity of competition, to further strengthen scientific argumentation, reasonable planning. Around according to the situation of economic and social development, the regional population size, urbanization level and the conditions of the tourism market factors, such as strict scientific reasoning, the research in this area as a whole theme park number and layout of the project, strictly control the construction and expansion of super large theme park. Theme park project selected location should conform to the general land use planning and overall planning of cities and towns and related special planning. To prevent a coax, blind development, homogeneity competition, prevent local debt, social, financial and other risks. Second, in view of the problems such as blind construction, real estate tendency, to further regulate and control risk. There are several main aspects: one is strict land management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state land are acquired through action to hang, etc; Second, adherence to ecological line, red lines are strictly prohibited in violation of ecological protection area theme park site construction; Third, strict approval procedures, strict rules on the management of investment projects; Four is to rein in real estate, strictly limit the theme park surrounding residential land scale and construction scale, from 'false park real estate projects; 5 it is protected from local government debt risk, err on the side of grasping the theme park supporting infrastructure construction pace. Air air force one three theme amusement equipment is insufficient for mining the Chinese culture and the long-term development ability, to further enrich the connotation and improve quality. Encourage the Chinese elements into a theme park rides. Improve the technology content, promote technological innovation, business innovation, content innovation, model innovation and management innovation. To expand the market main body, pay attention to brand construction, actively cultivate the cultural connotation is rich and has a market influence of theme park enterprises. So, in view of the large custom theme park amusement equipment, amusement equipment manufacturers should improve the ability of design customization, in addition to the sublimation of amusement equipment play, in adornment element and interaction design to the full time, provide amusement equipment, scientific and technological content, to find a way to increase the rate of visitors for the second time.
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