adventure world\'s wild ride to the top

by:LETIAN     2019-10-07
The amusement park seems destined to fail.
In the 1970 s, 115-
The acre park in Largo is owned by ABC Broadcasting.
Its landscape is full of wildlife and people come here from the area to watch its captive animals.
The zoo\'s idea was put on hold in the 1980 s when a group of local investors bought the park and spoiled the lawn with tall water slides.
Visitors then come to splash water flowers and seek to free themselves from the heat.
However, the problem is: when it goes from zoo to water park, and various mixed concepts between the two, attendance lags behind more complex regional attractions such as King rule near Richmond.
Largo Park, or known as the wildlife sanctuary and the wild world, has changed its hands in other names, reopened and closed for another remodel.
Today, however, in the sound of a roller coaster jingling behind his office window, hue W.
Eichelberger, general manager of Adventure World, talked optimistically about the latest incarnation of the amusement park and his attempts to break the cycle.
His company, the city\'s top Park, bought the site in 1992 and spent more than three years investing $30 million in the Adventure World.
The company has converted the property into a full property.
Mature amusement park with two landand water-
Amusement facilities based on stimulation.
According to Premier Parks, the attractions of Largo are now the highest attendance ever.
This year, the company is expected to have 700,000 visitors through the company\'s gates. -
The 380,000 visitors in 1992 almost doubled.
\"Our plan is simple,\" Eichelberger said . \"
\"Bought it and invested a lot of money to make it worth it.
\"Gary steers, president of Premier Park, will not provide revenue or profit figures for the adventurous world.
However, he said that after the defeat in 1992, the park was making money every season.
The park employs about 1,000 seasonal employees. -
Most of them are high school students and college students.
Experts say the success of the amusement park needs to find a way for consumers to reduce more cash after paying the ticket price.
This is the biggest and most successful theme park, says William L.
Halson in Dallas
The amusement park-based consultants earn only half of their income at the gate.
The rest comes from sales of food and beverages, with significant growth in retail and carnival --type games.
\"It all comes down to the time of stay,\" Haralson said . \".
\"The longer people spend in the park, the more money the park makes.
For example, the average profit margin on food and beverage sales at amusement parks is 50%, Haralson said.
However, compared to other projects, such as the inner tube rental of water rides, this is dwarfed.
After deducting labor costs, he said, the profit margin there was about $80 cents.
While these marks may be good for business, some guests interviewed last week in adventure world said they were notable.
\"I remember being here before they improved the park,\" said Cathy Davis, a model on marl Road.
\"You used to rent a locker here for 25 cents.
Now I\'m going to rent a locker for $3.
It\'s too expensive.
\"However, the management of the park said that you got what you paid.
Now, with more rides, retail stores and professional performances, the Adventure World has been greatly improved, says Eichelberger.
And the cost of visiting the king\'s rule area is still lower than that of the king\'s rule area, which charges $27.
Adults enter the park 95, 100 miles from Washington.
Adventure World charges $21.
99 tickets, 12 miles from Washington.
\"You can\'t compare our park here today to any point in the past,\" Eichelberger said . \".
\"It looks completely different and more like a professional theme park.
\"Eichelberger\'s company took over the park in 1992, but that\'s not the case, he said: hue W is out of date
Eichelberger, general manager of Adventure World, was not well run and visiting the park was not a pleasant experience.
His company, Premier Parks, has bought two Parks in the oklaoma City area: the border city and the White Water Bay, and injected capital into them to increase attendance.
For Adventure World, the prime minister hired executives from other theme parks, including Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Six Flags.
Eichelberger says the world of adventure has to address several important flaws.
First, the prime minister needs to find a way to get more dollars once visitors enter the park.
Water problem-
The theme attraction is obvious, says Eichelberger: people wear swim pants and leave their wallets and wallets in lockers. By adding land-
The amusement park, based on attractions such as roller coasters, other exciting rides and children\'s rides, can allow people to put on their clothes again and have the mood to buy more souvenirs, he said. So it did.
The company has built several major new lands.
Rides including a $8 million intellectual eraser roller coaster.
Over the past three seasons, it has also occupied the retail area of the ancient board, creating \"themed lands\" such as Paradise Island Water Park, Coyote Creek and the day of the children\'s circus, as well as the Moroccan village.
Results: The company also said that not only did the attendance surge, but the average length of stay increased from 4 hours to 6 hours, and visitor demand extended the season of the park beyond the summer months, including weekends and some working days on September, October and.
Unlike the Florida and California destination theme parks, 80% of the guests visiting the Adventure World are Baltimore residents
Washington Metropolitan Area
The rest are tourists or people living outside the central Virginia, West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania metro areas.
\"To be honest, our success is also largely due to demographic factors,\" Eichelberger said . \".
\"We are the only theme park in the metropolitan area.
We have about 7 million viewers.
We just touch the surface of our potential.
\"Compare interesting adventure worlds from D milesC.
Attractions: 56 tickets: $21: 12 size: 115 acres.
99 persons aged 7 and above; $16.
99 persons aged 4 to 8;
Free under 3 years old.
A box of popcorn: $2.
25 Big Soda: $2.
Kings territory, 49 miles from D. C.
: 100 Specifications: 400 mu attractions: 100 strokes: $27.
95 persons aged 7 and over; $19.
95 people aged 3 to 6;
Free for 2 years and younger.
A box of popcorn: $2.
49 Big Soda: $1.
Description: Hue W, general manager.
Eichelberger stands at the top of the intellectual eraser, a roller coaster for the adventure of the world\'s $8 million.
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