A Jamaican Adventure

by:LETIAN     2020-08-03
The word Jamaica includes a deliciously soothing influence on the frazzled minds of tense city folk. It instantly evokes scenes of tropical tranquillity, bronzed holiday makers lounging on sugary sands or mellow locals jamming; in open air bars to the lulling rhythm of reggae and crisp clink of sweating bottles of red stripe. Given Jamaica's famously complacent charm, it's fitting that the nation's Olympic sprint king Usain Bolt broke the world record with his shoelace undone. The relaxed vibe of Jamaica, may located 90 miles south of Cuba, is popular, although the island now offers some stereotype busting adventure activities assure to sprinkle a little bit of Jamaican jerk spice over your holiday. The energetic north cost resort of Montego Bay a great ideal base from which to explore Jamaica's stunning coastland. Petrol heads can strap themselves into an 800c dune buggy and roar along with historic sugar cane country around the old Blue Hole cane estate, eating up dirt tracks and exploding through rivers in a cloud of angry, hissing steam. For an all-natural approach, have a horse back ride, which concludes having a bracing dip (together with your horse) in the Caribbean Sea. Further east in Ocho Rios, a lush garden parish of Saint Ann, absorb spectacular coastal views by your Sky Explorer chairlift high above the rainforest canopy to your 700ft peak of Mystic Mountain. Up here it can be performed to tackle the zip line tour, with a dizzying 170m traverse then one surprise vertical reduce. In honour of the Jamaican bobsled team made famous by the 1993 move Cool Runnings, you could also make the eyeball popping journey down a 1000m bobsled track in the centre of the rainforest. As the nearby Dolphin Cove, let your missus frolic with dolphins because face the shark programme, which enables you to snorkel with, feed and hold a shark. After signing an application acknowledging that 'I accept sharks are dangerous'. By time fish blood is poured into a pool stalked by menacing shadows (their largest shark being the 8ft Diablo) and also the Jaws theme tune stabs out the actual tannoy, you might wish you'd tied to the dolphins. Obviously, simply because like adventure, do not want want to sleep in an outdoor tent. So set up base camp at the luxury resort of Half Moon in Montego Bay, with its colonial whitewashed cottages, par 72 golf course, 51 pools and exquisite restaurants, the original ackee and salt fish is a must try, or the delectably dozy Jamaica inn near Ocho Rios, whose private beach, secluded suites and total shortage of TVs will make sure a truly peaceful stay.
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