36 shook his head fly chair 丨 shook his head fly chair amusement

by:LETIAN     2020-05-20
Shake head to fly chair is the regional amusement park, the park's popular large amusement equipment, schwab amusement luxury shake head fly chair do manual work is delicate, with makings fastidious, shook his head at present special equipment fly chair certificate has been issued, welcome to the friends who need special flying chair. Special aircraft operation heights of 2. 9 meters, the rotation speed of over 120 m/min, meet the national special equipment safety supervision regulations, the welcome general customers friends to my factory visit. Management of operational problems and it is worthy of attention, when flying chair equipment operation, operators should in accordance with the provisions, parent-child check every tourist safety belt and safety rod fastening situation, such as have found secretly fastened tourists to press the stop button in a timely manner. The news she tell us by injuries to the flying chair, the operator should have keen powers of observation and the emergency event handling ability, when the unfortunate accident, operating personnel to contact medical personnel, fire protection, etc. , to ensure that the first event to participate in the rescue work. Luxury shook his head flying chair, sky flying chair, rigorous design and security. Shake head to fly chair is specially designed for teenagers a flight tower class amusement machine. As if flying high in the sky fly, rotation and slowly rising. Due to the rise of turntable, vertical stigma Angle deflection gradually, make the tourists like fun in the choppy sea, coupled with luxurious and beautiful decorative appearance, refreshing, dazzled onlookers people in sports, straight to a try for fast, it's the absolute highlight of amusement park. Application places: shopping malls, squares, parks, amusement parks, botanical gardens, scenic spots, such as 24 head fly chair fly 丨 shaking chair amusement 丨 luxurious chair equipment manufacturer kimball recreational luxury shook his head fly chair price is on the high side, the material standard, Italian qc management technology, not only luxury equipment, light beautiful, safe and reliable quality, is your choice of investment! 36 shook his head fly fly chair 丨 shaking chair amusement 丨 luxurious chair equipment manufacturer
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