30 - 42 - Price of 50 metres ferris wheel, wheel investment cost, how much money a ferris wheel

by:LETIAN     2020-05-11
Ferris wheel is a sign of sightseeing project, basically every city has a ferris wheel, he can is the landmark of a city, a sign of a scenic spot, a star of the commercial complex, so as a professional production of the ferris wheel manufacture factory, we received every day many consulting customer enquiries of the ferris wheel. There are a lot of customers on the investment of the ferris wheel is relatively blind, ask how much is the ferris wheel is 88 meters, 108 meters of the ferris wheel how many money, but once you know real prices, said after the ferris wheel is too expensive, can't afford to invest, it mainly comes from the customer cost caused by the cognitive of the ferris wheel is less, in addition to high purchasing cost, ignore an important factors, namely the revenue of the ferris wheel, even the early purchased a large size of the ferris wheel, but if you put on the ground sentiment forecasts, operational marketing was not well done, leading to poor operating results of the ferris wheel. According to our many years of experience, usually 2 cities the following scenic spots or theme park, Suggestions on the specifications of the ferris wheel control within 50 meters, revenue effect is ideal, unless the regulation project, must be the image of the Peugeot, regardless of the regular revenue problem can consider more specifications of the ferris wheel. Many clients will ask how much money a 30 metres ferris wheel, 42 meters wheel price, 50 meters how much cost to go to the ferris wheel, here we might as well do your analysis first, ferris wheel or the playground of capital budget is how much, how local people spending data analysis, expected payback period is long, etc. , the cost of the data column clearly, tell your ideas to the ferris wheel manufacturers professional. Let them help analysis planning reasonable amusement equipment and ferris wheel specification selection. The ferris wheel investment related questions and answers I have problem to consulting & gt; > The park built near the river the ferris wheel what procedure to need? First, you want to make sure that the area of the field size is suited for manufaturing into how ferris wheel, in addition to the leasing contract you signed with park, need you to be the basis of the ferris wheel, then the installation of the ferris wheel and declaration for inspection procedures by assist you fully complete the ferris wheel manufacturer. 30 metres ferris wheel price in how many money, you package is installed 30 meters price only need hundreds of thousands of ferris wheel, our installation is included in the price? Ferris wheel price so high, if in a city of 2 million people with a 50 metres ferris wheel, it's about how long does it take to recover the cost! First of all, the city of 3 million people to install a ferris wheel will depend on what kind of you to install in place, with the city there are no other ferris wheel, as for the problem of back to the ferris wheel operation marketing also is closely linked with you, we are not sure! Your wheel can be exported abroad? Price is quote FOB zhongshan or offshore our amusement equipment export around the world, also can be exported as ferris wheel, we have export right, the operation is very convenient.
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