2019 new fun playground equipment recommended list

by:LETIAN     2020-05-13
2019 is extraordinary one year theme park development, with the tightening of land policy, many playground had planned construction projects have changed management category, but this year a few business playground aptitude of merchants, is more cautious in choosing amusement equipment projects. Now theme park blossom everywhere, small to form a complete set of business community playground are numerous, all if you want to create a new attractions, from the choice of amusement equipment to the amusement park business strategy must be professional, chic and uniqueness. Here are a few recommended for everybody in the 2019 notable new amusement equipment, if you want new rides or amusement park planning scheme, might as well as the reference: a flying, flying a kite flying kites using color wings as the theme, rides up flying ups and downs, like kite flying, very fun! Second, time and space flight time flying is a very fast rotation and amusement facilities, similar to the game with autonomous flight, but running higher altitude, flight speed is more faster, match with the future of lighting effects, whether the eyes. The device also has in Shanghai, equipment cost nearly 2 million, kimball vehicle relative to the price of this device dear friends a lot! Three, day faint next day turn out to is a spacecraft to stimulate fun rotate 360 degrees of amusement facilities, speed, dazzle light, height from the ground is appropriate, is many small amusement park, indoor park can run an exciting adult amusement programs. Four shuttle, music why amusement equipment manufacturers have dozens or even hundreds of rides, needs further research and development of new play facilities, era progress, visitors of the demand is higher and higher, only by constantly launch new fun rides, assistant to theme parks popularity growth, so in this article in 2019, under the market environment is not very good choice more amusement equipment need to be cautious. Above these a few attractions are kimball is settled in 2019 new product, can choose bold!
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