2017 Shanghai amusement equipment exhibition

by:LETIAN     2020-05-18
2017 China ( Shanghai) Amusement facilities equipment fair on October 20 to 2017 on October 22, 2017 held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall, exhibition hall covers an area of 25000 square meters. Zhongshan kimball recreational equipment co. , LTD. Business people have two days in advance to the pavilion began to decorate the booth materials, and are well placed to carry out in advance. China international amusement facilities, fair is the largest amusement industry event in Asia, sponsored by the China association of amusement parks, will the whole exhibition area of 25000 square metre, the complete exhibition category. Main show coverage has the following several aspects: amusement place and park amusement facilities: a roller coaster, scooter, ferris wheel, bumper cars, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, tourism cableway, amusement robots, karting, etc all kinds of rotary, swing amusement machine. Remote control equipment, hit game consoles, fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment. Electronic amusement machine series, game consoles, GB) , coin-operated machines, electronic game consoles and peripherals, simulator, video game software and other various types of entertainment, educational and recreational facilities, equipment, etc. Aquatic amusement equipment: wave equipment, water slides, young, yacht, models, water fountains, water treatment equipment, photoelectric combination of such equipment, rafting. Action movie: 3 d, 4 d film equipment, water curtain film, fog screen equipment, production equipment, special digital cinema equipment, photographic equipment, special stereoscopic film projector, special sound, lighting, vending machines, amusement and recreation center management software, etc. Children's amusement facilities: stroller, storage battery, swing car, childcare facilities, children's playground, gas mold, children's game frame, swing, swing chair, turntable, slides, naughty fort, trampoline, bluff, combined amusement toys, safety MATS, educational toys, proud, skip enjoyed, scenic area ( Attractions) Design of tourism planning, theme park planning, design, construction, coin-operated machines/game consoles, inflatable amusement equipment, unpowered amusement equipment, children's park equipment, indoor swimming pool facilities, museums, carnival equipment/technology center. Try the amusement facilities equipment exposition kimball company carrying the latest amusement equipment propaganda album this year for the purchaser to collect, this due to kimball amusement equipment is big, can't place the scene, if the customer is interested in understanding amusement equipment, please contact kimball staff in the station 1417 stance, can lead customers to the nearest amusement parks or directly to zhongshan kimball recreational equipment factory visit! Kimball try all the staff welcome your arrival, kimball try our booth number is: 1417! Field staff phone: 13928103059139497963.
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