16 super big pendulum hot sun yat-sen

by:LETIAN     2020-05-18
Big pendulum has always been the king of the amusement park of screaming, as the big pendulum, in long lung happy world and happy valley of the big pendulum, and the joy of the world's largest pendulum is brave challenge project, super large pendulum swing, not only stimulate degree is high, the investment cost is high, the price of imports of a super large pendulum can exceed must level, domestic 30 pendulum also millions of National People's Congress for the unit. As the last few years the rapid rise of the tourism scenic area, agriculture sightseeing, more and more small and medium-sized playground in the configuration amusement equipment is unable to choose so expensive amusement equipment. In the just-concluded zhongshan amusement equipment exhibition, kimball recreational 16th National People's Congress pendulum and harvest a large number of fans, customers from all walks of life have also approved the design of the big pendulum and capital cost, the purchase price less than millions, large 16 people carrying, yes big revenue effect 3 times bigger than the big pendulum, more suitable for parks, scenic spots, such as agriculture sightseeing places. During the fair, to learn about the big pendulum purchaser in an endless stream, has more than 20 batches customer directly to the factory visit, there are many more amusement equipment manufacturers have also come to understand the experience, the exhibition in the last two days, people lined up to take big pendulum, many children height is not enough because we can not line up to play, in crying, more established nearly 60's grandmother also want to try. More from Russia, India, Brazil, South Korea and other countries of visiting guests also visited! During the open on average for more than one hour will receive 10 batches of passengers, if try kimball also follow other amusement equipment manufacturer, open the charging mode, the end of the day, revenue can be in 20000 yuan of above. A cost-effective ultra-high invest big pendulum |!
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